10 thoughts on “MCM: Johnny Depp

  1. Chocolat! I know, the costumes aren’t very interesting, but he is so good as the traveling gypsy who returns with the warm wind from the South. And The Man Who Cried, loved how to he handle those horses.

  2. None anymore, I used to like him, but after hearing about him beating his wife I can no longer stand him:/

    1. Normally I am all for the victim in these cases. However, I have heard from people who know the family directly, that Amber Heard was making things up. Apparently in CA, they are a community property state so the marital assets are automaticly divided in half, except in cases of domestic violence. If you claim abuse and the judge believes it, they can award up to 100% of the marital assets to the injured party.
      In the Depp/Heard case she made the claims as part of the strategy to get the best settlement possible and invalidate the standing pre-nup. I also find it suspect that both his former wife and Winnona Ryder have come out in support saying he was never physical with them.

      1. You do know that she gave all her money from the divorce settlement to charity right?
        And I guess she just walked into a door as well?
        Just because he didn’t hit them, does not mean Amber lied.

  3. The Libertine…there’s a Johnny Depp movie I haven’t seen?! With historical costumes? Well I know what i will be doing after the kiddo is in bed, haha.

  4. We’re all really tired of Jack Sparrow now, but at first, it was a genius idea to play the pirate as Keith Richards and irritating the hell out of the Disney execs (‘is he drunk or gay?’). If they had only stopped at the one movie!

    One movie? Heaven forbid! Disney should have stopped after the third film.

  5. Would it be so very wrong if I wanted my fiance to do the whole Sweeney Todd thing, replete with wave of white forelock, at our wedding?

    I have no intention of dresssing as a bride in the mode of Mrs Lovett, mind you, but I figure if I can be civil to his mother, he owes me *something.*

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