7 thoughts on “Kate Winslet in Historical Costume Movies

  1. The only reason I’ve always wanted a sewing machine is so I could make costumes like these. Well, costumes basically.

  2. Geoffory Rush lives in a suburb of Melbourne where I used to work, he once opened an umbrella as I was stepping out of my office and I nearly got bowled over by him….. You seen him wandering around all the time if you are there. He also gets public transport and has been involved in campaigning for restorations for Camberwell station. An interesting fellow. I really disliked Quills, though. Not enjoyable movie at all.

  3. I’ll step up, I kind of like Geoffrey Rush.
    Also, I have a vintage Singer in the same kind of case, and I learned NOT TO LIFT IT LIKE THAT EVER when I lazily moved it like that just a bit to the side, the whole machine fell out of the top half of the case and almost crushed my foot. The case can be locked, but it’s not strong enough to carry the weight; you’re supposed to lift it from below, there are handles in the bottom half of the case.

    The machine was perfectly fine. They are almost indestructible.

  4. Oh my word, I just realised that I have Rose’s exact hatboxes since these are FROM IKEA from the nineties. They are still hanging around in my spare room. SO THAT’S WHERE THE PROP DEPARTMENT WENT SHOPPING. LOL!

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