8 thoughts on “Mr. Selfridge’s Costumes and Five Women Worth Watching

  1. Yes, it’s a bit odd that Mr. Selfridge doesn’t attract the same kind of critique as Downton Abbey, ecpecially as it is about a real person. But I adore it and I like the costumes and hair a lot. Though there seem to be an over abundance of teal in season 3.

  2. Just a quickie typo fix–Zoë Wanamaker spells her last name with one “n”. *ducks for cover*

  3. Am LOVING all the fabulous fashions in season 3 of Mr. Selfridge. There should be a nod to some of those delightful items for the contemporary woman. I certainly would buy it.

  4. I MUST have Princess Marie’s black velvet pinstripe coat!!! You can’t as much from the pic here, but the whole silhouette is AMAZING!! I would SO buy it and any number of the timeless, gorgeous coats the ladies have worn on Mr. Selfridge! Too bad Harry isn’t around to bring these fashions to us 21ST century ladies in a marketing promo for the store/show. I’m in the States, but I’ve been shopping Selfridges online cause I’m just wild about. Harry! :)

  5. I got into this because (and I’m sure I’m not alone) FF approves of the costumes!
    Having watched seasons 1 through 3, I gotta say, the writing kinda sucks and only gets worse as it goes on, and there’s too many take-you-out-of-it historical inaccuracies.
    But relevant to FF, I was kind of surprised there was no mention of all the red fingernail polish in season three. I kept checking that it was still 1918/1919. Women (particularly older women, like the Princess), just didn’t wear ’50s red nails then. Up until about the mid to late ’30s, the extent of women’s nail polish was the pink/red with half moons left intact. It’s really jarring to see, at least to me. Also, the multitude of “face paint”, including lipstick colors, is something else that snaps me out of it. I know all actors wear make-up, but shows like Downton Abbey and Boardwalk Empire at least do a good job of suggesting minimal make-up, as was the style for most women at the time. To constantly see women (again, especially older women like the Princess) wearing full smokey eye and dark red lipstick is just… not accurate. We won’t even touch the costumes/make-up of Victor’s partner Elsa, which roundly suggest the early to mid ‘thirties and drove me nuts every time she was on screen.

  6. The off white lace and eyelet blouses are to die for. Is there a link where to find something akin to them?

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