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  1. Okay, yes. It is preposterous that the Captain wouldn’t marry the Baroness. I love that she drops the line about boarding schools as though it’s evil — boarding school FTW!


      1. So, I live in the USA but I’m a member of a Trachten Verein, we wear traditional Austrian/ Bavarian attire (Tracht) and all the historical photographs of the Von Trapp family show them in beautiful authentic Tracht. Why are they wearing such fakey “Hollywood” costumes in the movie? It’s true that in the 1920s and 30s in Austria not everyone would have worn traditional tracht all the time, especially in the big cities, but not once in this movie is there an actual dirndl to be seen. Out in rural areas they absolutely would have worn tracht. Don’t get me wrong, I love this movie, but just be aware that the costumes are really not so authentic and the wedding dress is especially the wrong silhouette for the time period.

  2. As a kid I really didn’t like the Baroness, but now I just feel sad for her. She doesn’t get the hot man with a mansion, because she loses out to an almost nun. Still I don’t think the Baroness would have been able to emigrate and run a hotel in the US, so maybe it was for the best.

    When it comes to the film itself I love it, but I haven’t been able to stand the musical on stage I think a reason is that the musical versions I’ve seen have been so focused on just Maria and the children, and after all I watch the film because of Maria and the Captain and the tension between them.

      1. There’s an interview in the latest Vanity Fair mag w/the 2 of them — they’ve become great friends since this movie, but Plummer admits that he was embarrassed by this role for years! Thought it was sappy & sentimental. HAH.

  3. Maria’s dress is very nice, but I never really notice it. The reason to not notice it is the best outfit and best scenery in the whole film which you skipped altogether. Christopher Plummer in his naval officer’s uniform. Now there’s serious man candy for this Monday :-)

  4. What about Liesl’s beautiful bridesmaid dress? And so interesting that it’s neither full-length nor waltz-length, with no bouquet, just her gloved hands held in prayer position.

  5. Just stumbled onto this recap, and adore it! Having spent my entire life being chased around by this flick, I have to admit that I love it anyway. And it does my heart good to know that the famous Liesl gets her name misspelled all the time, too…

  6. I’m attending a black-tie wedding on Saturday, and now I’m sad I didn’t think to knock off the Baroness’s gold gown. /sigh/ Hindsight and all that.

  7. So I think the Baroness is smart and cool and sophisticated, and in watching this as an adult, I do definitely have great sympathy for her. And yes, Maria’s haircut is terrible. However:

    The Baroness and the Captain have great chemistry but it feels more like platonic chemistry. Doesn’t read romantic or sexual to me. Whereas Captain and Maria have the right chemistry. It’s just different. So I don’t think the wrong woman wins; the right one does. It’s just Maria made the Captain aware that the Baroness wasn’t quite right for him romantically, which I think he (and she) would have discovered at some stage anyway, even if they had gotten married in the end…

    But the Baroness’ gold dress is just AMAZING and I would like one please!

    1. I have a lot of sympathy for the Baroness. She and the Captain have been an item for how long? Of course she puts up a fight. But more importantly She recognizes when her cause is lost and accepts her defeat gracefully. I hope she found that man who needed her desperately.

  8. I’m costuming SoM for a high school and was looking for a picture of the Captain in his military uniform. This pay had me laughing and snoring so hard that my daughter wondered if I required an intervention. Thanks for the belly laugh! And I despise Maria’s hair!

  9. Are there women in this film? All I ever see is Captain Von Trapp. #christoherplummerisHOT

  10. Post and snorting that would be. I’ve forwarded the link to others for the mental health value.

  11. Ohhhh that wedding dress! And the baroness! [Hated her as a kid of course, wouldn’t kick her out of bed now lol] And those OUTRAGEOUSLY tightly fitted bodices on Julie Andrews…how the hell did she move without splitting them?

  12. I love the movie, but for the love anything you hold holy read Maria Agusta Trapp’s book! There was NO real Baroness!

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