4 thoughts on “A Little Chaos (2015) Trailer Commentary

  1. Seriously, Kate Winslet’s hair! Geebuz, what is up? And who’s the one guy with scraggly locks? Is he some big name I’m not recognizing? This is like the opposite of the 1930s-1960s trend of using perfect modern coifs on the stars in costume drams — instead, let’s give the stars ugly but kinda modern bed-head while all the extras were fabulous period hair.

  2. They always say that if you have an excellent costume designer, then look at the extras to see the really authentic pieces- but the Tudor’s costumes were such fantasy that I don’t know if we could apply that rule.

    Kate Winslet’s silhouette is all wrong. I have no idea what they were doing with that corset, but it’s completely unauthentic and it makes all her dresses look wonky. And all the comments about her hair… OMG! That’s just a scandal. WHY do that?

    But the men do look good!

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