9 thoughts on “La Princesse de Clèves (1961)

  1. “…Prince de Clèves (Jean Marais)… old, ugly guy…”

    Sigh. It’s sad to see this written about Marais’ appearance in a movie made just 15 years after “La Belle et la Bête” and 11 years after “Orphée”. And he was only 48!

    “Proof that they are able to do a back-lacing gown on an extra… But why not on the main character, who frequently has her back to the camera???”

    Maybe it was more expedient to be able to zip Marina Vlady in and out of her costumes for some reason related to production (not sure what that could be, though), or she demanded it (assuming she’d even have that level of clout)?

    1. Agreed–Marais was pretty gorgeous, especially in roles calling for gorgeous. I’ve read the novel, and it probably makes much more sense than the film: nice dissection of obsession, duty versus desire, etc.

  2. Why am I reminded of the film Diane with Lana Turner? Is it that the Princesse de Cleves resembles her? Or is it the costumes reminds one of Walter Plunkett’s for the film? Or can it be that cute Mary Stuart kinda looks like Pier Angelli who played a very young Catherine di Medici? Or all three?
    I’m going with all three.

    But seriously Mary’s costumes are tdf and I’m going to make them, once my sewing machine is fixed. Or if the repair person says it’s bit the dust, when I buy a new one.

    Another movie to my watch list when I no longer laugh at Reign or wonder when Bastien is reappearing?

  3. All I can see when I see that array of ladies of the court is Disco Fabulous Bene Gesserit.

    Having said that, I do swoon to that amazing mourning black habiliment.

  4. Also, if you want to be either alternately inspired or depressed, google Marina Vlady (the lead actress) and see how gorgeous she still is at the age of 78!!!!!!

  5. I feel like I’ve seen the striped bodice with the hat somewhere before, but I’m not sure if it was in a painting or another movie.

  6. Have I mentioned that I F-ing hate floating ruffs? I don’t care how “Historically” accurate they are! I never include a floating ruff when playing Tudor Scene Maker game.

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