22 thoughts on “Top 5 Black Dresses in Historical Costume Movies & TV

      1. I found a copy about eight years ago in a record store in Minneapolis. Did not buy it as I was a very stupid teenager. When I finally got around to wanting to actually watch the movie, I had to stream it online.

  1. Eva Green’s black wardrobe from Penny Dreadful designed by Gabriella Pescucci. There are several and each is better than the one before.

  2. They’re all gorgeous, but the Vandyke dress is my favorite, so far it’s my all time favorite of Claire’s dresses.

    1. Its my favorite too, Im obsessed with the 17th century fashion at the moment, particularly posing gowns, although they dont seem to be real lol. But I love the asymmetrical vibe of the van Dyke dress, reminds me of Worth gowns from the early 20th century too…

  3. The black and white dress Winnona Ryder wore as Joe March is my favorite. The one that Madame Alexander used for the doll they issued from the movie.

  4. The black dress with the ivory lace that Emma Thompson wore for Evie’s wedding in Howard’s End. I would KILL to have it- and the figure to fit into it. And the hat, of course.

    1. Yes, that meshwork dress was amazing!!! I always wonder how it was constructed whenever I am watching that movie.

  5. I know this is not in any way remotely historical, but I’ve always pined for Mia Sara’s uber-Goth disco fabulous black gown in the last scene of Labyrinth. I mean the movie is kinda historical in in its Medievaloid setting and generally vague princess wear, right?

  6. As a cat mom, that black velvet bustle dress fills me with fear. That thing looks like a fur magnet!

  7. Josie Marcus’ (Dana Deleny) black riding ensemble in Tombstone. Alma Garret’s (Molly Parker) Black ensembles & Martha Bullock’s (Anna Gunn) AMAZING mourning gown in Deadwood.

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