20 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Every Century Gone Goth

  1. Oh, but you did not include the gothic eye candy that was Mina Harker’s, “Vampire Bride” gown in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. That dress was the stuff of my Kindergoth dreams.

  2. Despite the shady accuracy, I want every single thing Monica Bellucci wears in Brotherhood Of The Wolf. Every. Single. Thing.

  3. You had to have dug in some pretty obscure places to unearth some of those nuggets. For me “Salem” was a mixed bag, because I enjoyed the story, but as a 17th-century reenactor, it was sometimes like nails on a blackboard.

    1. Michael, I totally understand. I am also a reenactor in both the SCA and in the historical pirate community. I also live on Long Island, so every time I see the hot mess that is TURN I want to scream and throw things at my TV. Between the heaving cleavage, lack of pine trees in the pine barrens, and playing fast and loose with the actual story of Abraham Woodhull I just cannot contain myself.

      1. SCA — been there, done that back in the day when kings could be convicted murderers. Can you imagine the angst in the BAR? Montgomery made Salem for me; she so obviously relished the part.

    2. Salem makes my teeth itch — I love the costumes from a goth aesthetic but historically they’re wack. The story & acting are sometimes gloriously campy but not consistently so. Lucy Lawless was a great addition, but I can’t stand any of the male actors.

  4. I will never un-see the purple stole. OMG. My eyes, they hurt.

    I actually think the Goth thing works for “Crimson Peak.” It’s a strange movie, but pretty to look at.

  5. Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham in Prince of Thieves – Black Leather and Black Fur, grommets and multiple belts – it was so Hot Topic but Alan sold it and made us love him even though he was the bad guy. Gothic Camp for the Win!

  6. Girl from 9 century Poland – it’s “Stara Baśń” – “The Old Fairytale” – łosie adaptation of 19 century novel by Kraszewski

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