4 thoughts on “Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibit at FIDM LA

  1. I haven’t watched Reign due to the major historical inaccuracies everywhere. So glad you agree. Agent Carter is fun but just to recent in time for me. Missed Bessie, Argh. Wolf Hall was okay, for someone completely ‘Team Anne Boleyn’ and her costumes shouldn’t have been wrinkled. No codpiece on Henry VIII’s or miniscule one. Boots indoors? Don’t think so. The FIDM will definitely be getting some of my birthday money later this month. Thanks for heads-up.

  2. I might grudgingly have to give Salem a try again. I’ve only started watching & stopped a dozen times, with the goal of reviewing it here, but OMG THE STUPID IT BURNS. Ehem. And this from someone who finds Reign good old soap opera fun. It’s one thing to give my beloved Mary Queen of Scots a haute couture makeover, but to do something goth that’s neither super spooky & true to the genre nor campy & silly & taking the piss out of the genre, well, ugh, no, what’s the point? Well, these shiny outfits are now (they weren’t in the 1st few eps)… maybe… MAYBE.

    1. Dahling…season three…it takes you to the next level. Not all designers, especially in Shreveport Louisiana, can make magic….season three…it says fuck you on every level….Joseph Porro..designer!

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