8 thoughts on “Lizzie Borden Took an Axe (2014) & The Lizzie Borden Chronicles (2015)

  1. Have been waiting for the commentary on the costumes, since it’s not my period. As for the history — forget it. Charlie Siringo had nothing to do with it and died elsewhere many years later. Why they dragged in a traceable historical character, I don’t know. Siringo also took a bad rap years ago for persecuting Etta Place (Elizabeth Montgomery), Butch Cassidy’s woman. Obviously, Ricci’s having fun, since she’s listed as executive producer. I’ll watch her in pretty much anything, but the comment about a certain lack of pizzazz is a valid one, Costumers sure love those 90’s shirtwaist outfits, don’t they? Artful Detective uses them a lot. Contrariwise, Yannick Bisson is forced to wear heavy wool suits even in 90-degree weather. I guess Canada doesn’t know about tropical weight wool.

    1. It’s really a thing these days to mix up historical characters in fiction (or even mix up a bunch of different fictional characters; see also Penny Dreadful). Notice Bat Masterson in the last ep of Lizzie Borden!

      Shirtwaist outfits can be so right, it’s sad when they’re done so wrong. It’s a smart look & was very common in the 1890s, I wish shows would stop trying to “fix” it or “jazz it up.”

      I really need to watch Artful Detective; I have eps recorded, but I have so many shows in my backlog to watch & review!

      1. Has anyone commented on “Ripper Street”? Also, closer to our own time, “Foyle’s War” and “The Bletchley CIrcle”? Both in current showings are c. 1948, which I remember, being a war baby.

      2. Artful Detective….is not so bad, but my question was how could Dr Grace be a “liberated woman!!!” and quit wearing corsets (set aside that well-fitted corsets are so much more comfortable than bras so that plot always makes me roll my eyes anyway) without having to have all her turn of the century clothes refitted? With my frontier side-tie petticoats from 150 years prior, sure, I can adjust, but tailored waistcoats and fitted skirts?

  2. Artful Detective (Ovation Channel’s title for Murdock Mysteries) has been mentioned before. I’m no authority on 1890s/early 1900s clothing, but it’s interesting to see the change in women’s clothing over the time period of the series, which starts around 1896 and has so far progressed into the early 1900s. Women discuss corsets; in fact, one episode revolves around a corset design and whether it could have killed a lingerie model. You can see the silhouette change over the years. Yep, a lot of shirtwaists. I love the hats. The designers try to distinguish the classes by the clothes they wear. We enter high-end hat shops, Eaton’s department store, jewelry stores. While Murdock wears his police detective “uniform” — the aforementioned black wool suit, we see the toffs in formal wear and driving outfits (love those dusters); modest bathing costumes (men and women); and boating, hockey, cycling, and baseball uniforms. If more knowledgeable folks are watching this, please review the costumes. I don’t get too many “squirrel alerts” from them, but I’m not an expert.

  3. This has finally popped up on Netflix and I just came to mention the lavender nylon lace trimmed grey polysatin dress.

    I need bleach eye wash.

  4. To be fair I haven’t seen the movie or full series, but I caught some clips of the show on YouTube and it is So. So. Stupid. I dunno why I can’t let it go but here I am commenting on a four year old review bc this show is So. So. Stupid

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