4 thoughts on “Podcast: Wolf Hall (2015)

  1. I loved your recent “Men of Game of Thrones” post – could you do a similar post about the Men of Wolf Hall? It’s fun spotting the familiar faces of Theoden, Dr. Clarkson, Jojen Reed, etc in their Tudor finery!

  2. Loved the ‘cast, as always! I always want MORE though – more costume analysis! more explanation! WHY was the green gown so bad (okay, once I saw it I knew – YIKES – but I still want to hear you tell me why YOU thought so)? Translucent veils on French Hoods: Y/N, why?
    I loved how Thomas More’s fur collar was so ratty and tatty, and how T Cromwell went from wool to velvet to fur. Can’t wait to see what he wears next!

  3. If you are seeing Anne through Cromwell’s eyes, from his perspective, then it is no wonder that the one scene with her miscarriage is told from Anne’s point of view is because Cromwell as a man can not understand what that must be like. Especially when Anne was already in a dangerous position. Just a thought!

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