13 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Kendra’s Favorite Snark Week Memes

  1. Frabjous! However, while clearly meant to be ‘Kiss Me Kate’ [one of my favourite musicals] that’s not the cast of the film…am I missing something? Quite feasible as I have terrible facial recognition with my autism, but is it deliberate?

  2. I think the cap from Pedro and Ines would have worked somewhat better if they turned it around so the stick-uppy part was in front. Not a lot better, mind you, but it definitely would have been an improvement.

  3. I love all these memes! Especially the “NSFW” ones. They make the gray January days a little brighter. :)

  4. I’m begging you Kendra, please review “Love in Chains”! I’m a member of a FB group about this series and we have been regularly trashing it :-D. Because its plot is as shitty as the costumes. The review of one episode or even some fragments would be enough for us. We (our group has over 10.000 members) would be so grateful! Of course I would put a link to your site in a post about the costumes :-).

      1. But the laughs you get from it are absolutely worth it :-))))). Only viewing snippets to see the costumes would be enough, since I don’t want to be guilty of having caused you psychological damage, induced by the terrible script ;-).

  5. my almost non-existent abs are sore from laughing :)
    I know there were not memes, but your commented pics on Catherine the great’s costumes (with Julia Ormond) were so good I almost choked at work reading them!

  6. Oh, Kendra, thank you so much; after a week of domestic turmoil, I really needed to giggle furiously. (Since I just could not get into “Mercy Street,” that one might be my favorite.)

  7. I was 13 when Young Catherine came out and for WAY TOO MANY YEARS, I wanted a wedding dress like the one in this picture!!! Oh, dear!!!

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