12 thoughts on “A Quick Look at The Nevers (2021)

  1. I kinda wish they’d share where they keep finding that green striped fabric or who’s hoarding it, because I want to make that jacket ensemble from Poldark and having the exact same fabric would be pretty rad.

  2. I’ll be adding HBO to my streaming Amazon account on the 20th. And will watch then. But Bernadette Banner and Abby Cox have given the show thumbs up too.

  3. I enjoyed .the show. I liked the mix and match of colours in the dresses, especially on Amalia. Mostly contrasting sleeves. To tell the truth, I was thinking she was not rich, then using good pieces of old dresses on a new one! Didnt know it could be so victorian.fashion, as you prove it.
    Annie”s leather suit is weird.

  4. Bonfire Annie is anachronistic as hell, but she is fucking fabulous! That jauntily worn bowler slays me every time.

    Also, take a closer look at her dress and also Mrs.True’s. Some of them appear to actually be riding habits with divided skirts.

  5. Aww it’s so nice to see a well-tailored fat character! (I haven’t seen the show so I can’t speak to the characterization, but I love me some Nick Frost.)

  6. If you enjoy this show, as I do, I recommend watching Abby Cox and Bernadette Banner’s YouTube videos about the costumes.
    Abby discusses the references used to create the costumes, specifically the extant Victorian patterns from The Delineator magazines.
    Bernadette discusses the ability of the actors to perform all kinds of physical activity in these costumes, specifically Laura Donnelly’s management of her skirts, showing the video of her climbing stairs with NO SKIRT HIKING. She also discusses things like Maladie’s wearing her bodice inside out, thus allowing the costumers to totally show off all the finer details of appropriate garment construction. She has some excellent discussion of Amalia True’s apparent tight-lacing, which is unique to her character, does not at all interfere with her ability (and thereby Laura Donnelly’s or her stunt performer) to fight impressively, and is part of the psychological makeup of this probably not-fully-human character.
    Laura Donnelly, if you are wondering “where have I seen her before” is Jenny from Outlander, who always made an interesting foil for Claire, and whose breast-milk-expression scene was totally relatable and pretty awesome! Her ability to do all the things in period costume is impressive, and knocks large holes into any ideas that women in the past were limited by all the clothings.

  7. I’m really enjoying this show, anachronisms and all, and I especially love some of the performances (Ann Skelly in particular is new to me and just a delight). But I’m curious about the decision to portray “the Touched” as a group viewed with suspicion and phobia by Victorian society at large. I know that fits with X-Men model, but the Victorians were so interested in supernatural phenomena like psychics, soothsayers, and mystics! I almost wonder whether a group of people suddenly granted inexplicable powers would actually be kind of lionized by thatsociety, and whether that might be a fresher and more interesting “people with shocking new superpowers” story.

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