20 thoughts on “WCW: Milady de Winter

  1. My sentiments exactly.

    Also several actresses have won Oscars playing ‘bad girls’.

    1. It’s been done, by a guy named Tiffany(!) Thayer, usually titled “Three Musketeers and a Lady”. Seems she got off on the wrong foot with a bad hand of cards, and was never able to get things right.

      Thayer was also responsible for a modern take on the “girl gone wrong because of bad luck/badcompany” theme, called “One Woman”. It’s been filmed at least twice, once as the poignant “Chicago Deadline” and once as the laughable “Fame is the Name of the Game” (which picked up a “Laura” twist out of thin air).

  2. I saw the film with Faye Dunaway, in my mind still the best, would never watch a later version, that’s how I know. ;-)

  3. What is that last woman wearing, for God’s sake? Christmas wrapping paper? She looks like a tasteless chocolate box… Not to mention the bobby pins shortage, AGAIN! sigh

  4. Hi! First of all, I’m a huge fan of your blog, I found it recently and didn’t stop until I read every single post. :)

    Also, there’s a wrong photo for the 1978 Soviet film. That’s not Margarita Terekhova on the photo, it’s an actress named Alisa Freindlich who played Anne of Austria.

  5. In her defence, the last one was for a deliberately tongue-in-cheek version of the stories. All the clothes were a bit off, but most were delicious. My faves, though are Faye Dunaway and that Lana Turner outfit is to die for.

  6. Forever Faye Dunaway. I love the scenes where she uses parts of her clothing as a weapon – especially when she pulls out her hair ornament to attack Constance.

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