4 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: The Dinner Party Dress

  1. This is a stunning dress which I feel that the real Georgina Devonshire would wear. It conveys perfectly what the scene intends to do and has that ‘I’ve seen it before in a portrait’ authenticity.

  2. I like the dress and especially the attention to detail even in places where it wouldn’t show. I have a question about the buckles-obviously they are authentic for women’s hairstyling, but I thought that they also served as a call back to the buckles that we saw on so many of the men, underscoring the way that she’s trying to play a “masculine” role in the scene. Thoughts?

    1. Mmm–“boucle” is French for curl, loop, buckle, or earring (boucle d’oreille). Buckle/boucle was a useful word in the wardrobe of both sexes, whether French or English, in the 18th century.

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