7 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Mom’s Matchmaking Dress

  1. I think the color choice was to make her blend into the set and contrast with Georgiana’s costume – i.e. the “past” vs. the “future.”

    The fabric doesn’t seem very accurate to me. The flowers are too 3-dimensional and realistic looking and the (what looks like a) trellis pattern make it look more post-18th century. But given how difficult it is to find period-appropriate brocades I think it’s fine for a movie costume.

    1. I agree — it looks like a very “movie” choice vs. a historically accurate fabric choice. It’s close enough to give a period aesthetic, but it’s not strictly of the time. And it does something relevant for the character, showing Mom as older, blending in, of the past, & not a ‘bright young thing’ like her daughter.

  2. Heart eyes for this deep dive series—I’m trying to learn more about 18th-century design for a writing project, and this is a great reference point. Thanks!

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