14 thoughts on “The Duchess Deep Dive: Georgiana’s Proposal Gown

    1. YES PLEASE. Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is full of stunning costumes which look period-accurate, but I would like to see an in-depth, nitpicky review of them. Also, I loved that movie.

  1. I’m a lurker of a few months and always love your posts, but this makes me so excited! The costumes in The Duchess are easily my top picks, and I’m loving the in-depth analysis.

  2. In the second picture where the skirt whirls away as she turns–what’s going on with the lining of the dress? Looks like swaths of grey/green and rose. Was it common to have a different pattern underneath?

    1. The striped lining is my favourite part of this dress. It stops it from looking like a cpmplete Laura Ashley couch.

    2. There’s a dress in a museum collection that has a skirt lining in a similar color scheme. My memory is failing me as to which one it is, but I’d bet that’s where the costume designer got his inspiriation.

    3. Hey, good catch, I just noticed that! However, this would have been a very uncommon practice at the time, it just wasn’t a fashion then. I’d be very interested to see in-person the example Andrew mentions to see whether the lining is actually original or a later addition – the Victorians had a tendency to re-make original 18th century gowns according to their own ideas of “Rococo” to wear for fancy dress.

      1. It may be that I saw a dress in the same colors and transposed it as a lining in my memory, however here are two dresses I found that have contrasting linings:



  3. Omg I am here for these deep dives hunty!

    I think the thought process behind showing her sans-hat was to show that she is at home and the other characters are the guests, which is more of a Victorian idea than a Georgian one, but whatever.

    I’m excited to see what you’ll have to say about that teal dress she wears in Bath and and accompanying phallic hairdo.

  4. It is correct to have such a deep neckline on a day dress worn outside? The period illustrations show the ladies all covered up.

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