5 thoughts on “The Duchess (2008) short review

  1. I wish they had spent some time on her political activities. She was very important to the Whig party and took major positions on the issues of her day. Foreman’s bio goes into a lot of detail about that. The emphasis of the movie on her private life diminishes her. Yes, the gambling had a very bad effect on her life, along with the booze which probably shortened her life.

  2. OMG- the Fox costume! How does one chose a favourite in this movie? It’s hard, but the Fox costume narrowly wins over the one she wears in Bath and they take the waters- and she wears the most exquisite gloves in movie history.

  3. So glad to hear that you loved (and mentioned) the hats! They were made by my very first hat-making teacher, Jane Smith. She is the go-to lady for historic hats, and a lovely friend as well.

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