11 thoughts on “60 Some Years Later, Diane (1956)

  1. These costumes are a visual delight but I must confess the movie made me laugh at times. I so wish that Megan Followes Catherine de Medici in Reign had been able to wear these costumes. Now I want a really good Catherine de Medici miniseries.

  2. I love these costumes, but Hollywood does play loose with history.
    These, too, we’re my favourite Plunkett costumes. Their rich detail inspired several Ren faire frocks

  3. Where are the catalog images from? were they auctioned off? Just curious …. especially as so many of them seem to have survived.

    1. A company called Profiles in History auctioned these off several years ago.

      As I recall, they were part of Debbie Reynolds’ collection of costumes that she never got to put in the museum she dreamed of.

      1. Damn! A Museum of Movie Costume? All in one place? I would fly out to LA just to see that. Wish Debbie had been able to do it.

        1. Yeah. It still makes me sad that she tried and tried but couldn’t make it work. No one wanted to invest, and now she’s dead and her collection is scattered. :( :( :(

      2. Yep, the catalog was available online, that’s where I found it. Plus many of these images are floating around & some of the costumes themselves have been on exhibit (the green velvet one & the white one) so additional photos are available. And Plunkett’s sketches are widely published too :)

  4. I adore and am intimidated by how well the bodices fit the actresses. That is some serious bosom-wrangling. Walter Plunkett was so so good.

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