9 thoughts on “WCW: Catherine de’ Medici

  1. A diplomat described the new Dauphiness as having a homely face but a magnificent figure, though how he could tell under normal 16th c. dress I don’t know.

    1. I wonder if “a magnificent figure” maybe could have been referring to her overall presentation and bearing– which could’ve also been said of a male noble– rather than how shapely and “femininely ideal” her body was?

  2. I love the pearl-edged standing collar in the 1547 Clouet portrait, but the fabric looks pretty fine — I’m thinking that there must have been some serious engineering and/or starch involved.

  3. Interesting fact about Saint Germain: unlike many of her portrayals, who follows her black legend as a murderous fanatic, it shows an aspect of her that modern historians consider truer: someone who wanted peace and consensus between Catholics and Protestants.

  4. As a film “Saint-Germain ou La négociation” is the most interesting – although very sad. The last great performence by Jean Rochefort as the queen’s diplomat. The queen is’nt much looking like the real queen – but the character is well presented.

  5. Megan Follows is going to be the forever-Catherine in my head, and I justify it by thinking of the entire show as Anne Shirley writing Catherine de Medici’s story for her friends and acting the part out for them in a wooded grove.

    1. Oh….MJ…I love your response!!! And, yes, Megan Follows was awesome in this role!!

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