14 thoughts on “TBT: If Paris Were Told to Us (1956)

  1. I’m trying not to laugh uproariously especially the bad Winterhalter portrait version. I would be very interested in seeing yours and Tristan’s. Why do most of the costumes look in need of a fitter?

      1. Thanks for the link. They DO looks millions no billions of times better than the movie schlock. You and your group deserve the win.

  2. The chap with the Easter Egg courtiers is Henri III, with his ‘mignons’; not a young Henri IV.

  3. I made it through “Napoléon” (1955). Very very boring. Sacha Guitry has his own idea of Cinema. I had the Impression that he refused to entertain the audience. “Napoléon” had some of the most boring battle Scenes I ever saw (although the miniseries with Christian Clavier was very boring too). Even the uniforms were bad.
    However I alway tried to look the movie about Versailles, just for my interest.

  4. Royal affairs on Versailles is very fun, if you are not affraid of a lot of witty sparkling dialogs (some deliberately anachronistics). Guitry came from the theatre and is famous for his « bons mots ».
    If you want a lot of action, you may find it boring. Otherwise if you like a stellar cast ( all the french who’ s who plus Claudette Colbert and Orson Welles), great funny dialogues and not affraid of very 50’s costumes (and zippers), you’ll love it.

  5. Not about the costumes in the film, but does anyone else think Agnés Sorel as the Madonna looks like she’s thinking “where the fuck did my nipple go?”

    Also, this is the first time i’ve seen that contemporary portrait of Francis I and Eleanor of Austria; i’m not sure if it was meant to look like caricature, but i like it.

  6. Oh, placement of boobs (and to a smaller extent, the many ugly babies) in medieval paintings, you never cease being a source of amusement for me.

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