4 thoughts on “WCW: Isabelle Adjani

  1. To answer your questions, I liked her best when she worked at the Comédie Française… And yes, there are, but she doesn’t play in it.
    She’s very talented, but has a tendency for drama and outright depressing stories.

    And just a tiny point: Those costumes aren’t low budget (Comédie Française, people, probably the last French theatre that has an in house costume department!), they follow the “let’s make everything more simple and modern” tendency.
    Went to the Comédie last year, and am sad to report they’re not out of it yet. sigh

  2. It’s a bonnet in Adolphe – I’m not all that thrilled! But if it was a hat, yes! And if it was a black veil, even more! But the little glasses, totally on board!

    And even tho I took 5 years of French, I’ve never seen Camille Claudel. But I read Sartre & Camus :)

  3. Gotta go with Queen Margot (gorgy costumes & sex against wall) and Camille Claudel. Claudel was very a talented sculptor who IMHO if she had loved would have surpassed Rodin, Burghers of Calais notwithstanding.

  4. Nosferatu and La Reine Margot for me. Fun fact: near the end of Nosferatu, Lucy wears a rather nice replica of the gown in William Morris’ La Belle Iseult.

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