10 thoughts on “TBT: Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001)

  1. I originally bought this movie because I saw Gaspard Ulliel (RIP) was in it. Turn out he was in it for .00002 seconds but meh. Still became one of my favorite movies

  2. I love this move. It has it’s issues, particularly surrounding the character of Mani, but I return to it again and again. The costumes are gorgeous. The hero of our story is a taxidermist. The dinner scene where the poet bombs his impromptu performance and it cuts to the dude down the table laughing at him – gets me every time. The hair on Fronsac and the Marquis is very ‘Business in front, Versailles in the back’ but I’m enjoying myself enough watching that it doesn’t bother me.
    One Halloween I went as the peasant girl from the beginning of the film, lamb plushie and all. I added fake blood so as not to be confused with Little Bo Peep.
    Thanks for this deep dive!

  3. He’s not wearing boots, he’s actually wearing pleasantly suprising gaiters. No idea how much more sense they make with an evening ensemble and those loose, white silk trousers/breeches (?) but at least their better than black leather soft boots. Someone tried…

  4. I saw this forever ago. I dont remember too much, though I thought the answer regarding the wolf was a copout. Also happy to see some Indigenous representation. It may have aged poorly, but I wasn’t insulted as I watched.

  5. In a series of posts featuring la Bella Bellucci that green velvet riding coat STILL lingered in my

    Clearly somebody knew what they were doing when they put it together!

    One must admit, however, that I wear black at work and wore it at school, so I’ve never found All Black ensembles particularly interesting or charismatic.

    Well, not unless they’re being worn by Zorro: there’s an exception that proves the rule (and the outfit also benefits from my abiding love of Capes).

  6. I LOVED this movie when it came out! And now I need to rewatch it. Vincent Cassell was at Peak Hotness here!! But what I really love about this post is the heading, “Miscellaneous Old Men.” Thanks for this one!!

  7. I loved this movie back then, and I still love it now. I have an unreasonable crush on both Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci still. I’d somehow never realized quite how bad the hair was and I can’t help but laugh now about it. I lived for Sylvia’s blade fan as a little goth teen though!

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