13 thoughts on “MCM: Aidan Turner

  1. Besides the certain short person role in the unnamed fantasy series, my favourite Aidan Turner is Desperate Romantics and Poldark. He’s so HOT *fans self* as Rosetti and the embroidered waistcoat photo is only half the hotness. His Ross Poldark can chill out in my pool anyway. BTW I stopped getting notices of new posts. Is there a reason?

  2. #1- as costumes from the Tudors go, it’s not bad
    #2- is that vest supposed to look like it’s been run over by a truck every day for a year or did the costume shop team just say “eh, fuck it, imma go home early today”? As a member of such a team I find myself itching with professional pride.

  3. That Philip Lombard suit is possibly my favourite 30s suit ever. Fitting for my fave adaptation of the novel.
    Sidenote: Eleanor Tomlinson for WCW?

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