14 thoughts on “TBT: Austenland (2013)

  1. I’ve seen it and I lol all the way through. Loved the nouveau riche blonde.

  2. I ignored it when I was on the plane, but I enjoyed the book enough to give it a couple of reads. If only there was an actual resort I can vacation to. Other people can romance, I’d be getting my history geek on.

  3. J.J. Feild also appeared in 2007’s “Northanger Abbey”. His Henry Tilney is my favorite Austen leading man.

  4. Mine, too–he has a sense of humor on display, unlike the other rather grave dudes in Austen.
    This looks such fun–thanks for the review!
    That mint green dress (first worn on Kelly Reilly, who played Miss Bingley as “the one who forgot to wear her evening gown to the ball”) is a lovely fabric, but too plain! In the immortal words from “Working Girl”, “it needs some bows or something.”

    1. LOL on the “Working Girl” reference – ” Six Thousand Dollars? It’s not even leather!”

  5. Great post — I especially loved seeing all the recycled gowns. I’m amazed that people can spot that. There are some beautiful dresses here, I’ve always loved the mint green dress — definitely not cream silk! Maybe she was just misquoted?

  6. I loved this movie so much, and I was even more pleased because it was a
    really good adaptation of the book!! Just frothy, silly delight from beginning to end. A few weeks ago there was a Zoom reunion of most of the cast plus the director and author, and that was so much fun to watch!!

    I believe that gown that Amelia was wearing in the sewing scene was used in “Emma” 2009 on Harriet, but I’d have to check the recycled movie costumes website to be certain.

  7. I’m going to have to find and watch this. And I would seriously pay to do something like this. Even more so if I could accidentally stumble upon the actor guys behind the scenes! Yum! So, in the pic where Keri Russell is walking behind the four guys in beige, is it just me or do those guys appear to be well packaged, or is it just me?

  8. Would I book a ticket to Austenland? Definitely! Kerri Russel’s mint green dress is gorgeous! I saw this movie once a long time ago, and I had forgotten just how dramatic her makeover was. Like someone said, I’m so impressed by people who can spot recycled costumes. Until reading this post I had no idea that the costumes were “accurate.” That said, for me, the best thing about this movie was that it introduced me to JJ Field, whom I had never seen before. He was sooo yummy and perfect for his role! In addition to Field, several actors were perfectly cast–Jane Seymour; the guy from New Zealand (aka the “Wickham” character); and the snooty guy (the guy from Bridget Jones’s Diary). This post makes me want to read the book–finally–then watch the movie again.

  9. I am forever recommending this movie to people! It wasn’t marketed well, and some shy away from the PINK of it all, (which I love) but I emphasize the spectacular art department and the exuberant performances. Georgia King (Amelia) is a revelation (“No, no NO”), and it feels like everyone was having a fantastic time making this movie. (Gosh, I hope they were!)

  10. I would so do this. (Distant) relatives of my mother own a Georgian house in Ditchingham, Norfolk (named, unoriginally, Ditchingham Hall), and I’ve always thought how amazing it would be to do a regency weekend there. Alas, we are the poor mouse relations, and it will never happen. >sad face<

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