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  1. Northanger Abbey FTW! (Though Austenland was surprisingly OK. That fake pug is hilarious). Must find The Night Watch STAT.

  2. Well, blond can’t do it for everybody: For example, I like Hiddleston MUCH better when he falls into the hair dye… Although… scrolls back … I suppose every rule can have an exception, wot?

  3. I have never seen any of these. I’m going to need more Amazon credits. Those first few blonde blonde pics remind me of Leslie Howard. I am aswoon! Is aswoon an actual word? I care not. I’m a sucker for blondes, ask my silver haired hubby.

  4. Oh, I really like him as Major Andre! And yes! Northanger Abbey!

    He also has a small part in Professor Marsden and the Wonder Women (which is… fine… Read The Secret History of Wonder Woman instead).

  5. Austenland! My love for that movie cannot be denied. He, & everyone else, is perfect. sigh

  6. Centurion with him in and Fassbender wasn’t half bad. I believe he played a unsuspected “bady”.
    Northhanger Abbey was indeed great and Austen Land is a real hoot 😂

  7. If Hiddleston is not available for a future remake of the Scarlet Pimpernel than I nominate JJ Feild. I always forget that he and Neve Campbell are a couple.

  8. Not having seen the adaptation, but in my reading of Northanger Abbey, Tilney may be gay. Deeply closeted, but gay. And of course a young Jane Austen, when writing the novel, would think that a man who tracks the price of muslin and share interest in girly things is a great match. Not quite understanding the underpinnings of a good match quite yet, perhaps. That said, I’m probably reading modern stereotypes into things, but it’d make an interesting paper. :)

    1. I always got the feeling that the muslin discussion between Mrs. Allen, Catherine and Henry Tilney was another way Austen made fun of or made sarcastic remarks about the social scene at Bath and the like.

  9. IMO, stop making him blonde, filmmakers. It really doesn’t suit his skin tone. Andre was the ONLY good thing about TURN. :P

  10. Historical Question: Kendra, what is the deal with the rat tail looking thing hanging off the side of his head in the very last picture? I don’t remember ever seeing that and would love to know its significance.

  11. JJ Field has been my imaginary boyfriend since I first saw Northanger Abbey back in the day. And since Tilney is my fave Austen hero, he made QUITE the impression. His smile is irresistible. His voice is smooth and elegant. His hears are a little big and it’s cute as hell. I will have a massive crush on this man until the day I die.

    1. So agree!! Northanger Abbey is my favorite Austen novel and he’s just perfect in the movie!! Tilney is sweet and a tease and JJ nails it.

  12. His hair is naturally light brown but he is a lovely blonde. It was his role as the sexy Major Andre on Turn that I noticed him and became a fan. The series is not everyone’s cup of tea but give it a proper chance. It’s JJ’s best performance in my opinion. The Intended takes place in the early 1920’s. It’s dark but he’s extremely good in it, impressive given how young he was. The Tulse Luper Suitcases is whack but is somehow endearing if you have some patience. It’s a lot of fun to watch with a friend and some wine.

    You missed:
    Last Orders (1940-1950 period), where he’s wildly blonde and magnetic. He plays Michael Caine’s younger self in flashbacks.

    Telstar: The Joe Meek Story – late 1950’s/early 1960’s London biopic. He has extraordinarily electric peroxide blonde hair. He sings, plays guitar, shares a long hot kiss with another dude, and wears sparkly suits.

  13. I love JJ in Northanger Abbey and Austenland!

    It’s not a period role, but he’s ever so wonderful in Stephen Poliakoff’s Perfect Strangers! He plays the deceased brother of Claire Skinner and Toby Stephens (one of his best performances, too). It’s a who’s who of BBC actors–Matthew MacFadyen, Michael Gambon, Lindsey Duncan, Timothy Spall–and surprisingly riveting considering it’s about a family reunion.

  14. I was a bit ambivalent about “Austenland” (not always my sense of humour), but JJ’s role was perfect! And YES, you need to review it more thoroughly!

  15. How can you call “Turn” a Yawn???????? No way, it was actually a little over-the-top action packed at times! Inaccurate in several ways, but so dramatic and he plays an excellent John Andre in it!

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