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  1. Inglorious Bastards is how I discovered Mr. Fassbender. It’s one of those spaghetti westerns where history is altered for the story line so it’s pretty good. And he’s actually a British spy playing a Nazi so he’s really one of the good guys! Give it a chance because I think you’d like it. Plus, Brad Pitt plays a moonshiner with a thirst for scalping Nazis.

  2. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for this!

    I, ahem, appreciate a lot of celebrity men, but Fassbender has been #1 for me for a few now. In fact, I usually avoid going to see movies in theater because I have crowd issues, but his name in the credits will lure me to a cinema every damn time. I’m even psyched for that Assassin’s Creed movie, which I would have no interest in otherwise!

    As for my favorite Fassbender movie, it really wouldn’t work for this post because prison movies set in the 80s don’t give you many costumes to work with, but his work in Hunger is absolutely stunning. And also super depressing and kind of traumatizing. :/

    P.S. There is a brief sex scene in the Macbeth movie! :)

    1. Another favorite Fassbender film, though also not a costume movie: Frank. It’s a comedy that manages to be hilarious, heartbreaking, and heartwarming all at once.

  3. God, you ladies are so easy! Just a little muscle, some talent, a bit of dashing good looks and you’re all over the place. What maketh the world go ’round. First time I saw Fassbender was in the miniseries, “Hex,” where he played a demon, albeit a well-dressed one. It was a strange piece, with a ghost who wouldn’t stop eating, among other things. Mr F has also appeared as himself on the Graham Norton Show, which is a great place to see the people you like being funny without a script.

  4. **agitatedly fans self** Is it getting hot in here?
    Looks like His Batchness and The Hiddles have some competition for my affections now. Oh who am I kidding? I have enough to go around. Welcome to my harem, Mr. Fassbender!

  5. His movie with the bear is indeed about the inspiration for Winnie the Pooh. It’s a very moving and heart-wrenching film. I can’t tell you WHY, but it made me cry. Twice.

  6. I love Fassbender, he’s one of my favorite actors et not just because he’s hot as hell ! I loved him in Inglourious Basterds, in Jane Eyre, in Shame and in many other movies. But my favorite performance, it’s Macbeth, he looks possessed by this role. The movie is slow but his acting is so magnificent it doesn’t matter.

  7. I’d like to say Band of Brothers, but I’d be lying. My *fans self* favourite ginger in that was Damian Lewis as Richard Winters, a man who was so unassuming that his report of Brecourt Manor Assault was very self-deprecating which lost him the Medal of Honour, which IMHO he should have received.
    So my favourite Fassbinder role is the upcoming The Light Between the Ocean and 12 Years a Slave.

  8. Honestly there’s a lot more to Assassin’s Creed than fighting and battles. The games have a lot of history in them (once you finish the training/fetch-quest missions), but to tell the truth the costumes aren’t all that accurate. I love the series, but that just pains me.

  9. What about the xmen movies? The 1960’s and 70’s may not always have been pretty but they are period.

    1. I’ll dabble in the 1960s, but usually it’s too late for us on this site! If one of us was alive, then nyet.

  10. So one of you was in the cradle during the 1960s, I bet you were colour coordinated and fashionable.

    For comic relief, has anyone thought of reviewing Bill & Ted’s (Most) Excellent Adventure. Both Joan of Arc’s and the Tudor wenches were at least as accurate as Reign or The Tudors.?.

  11. I’m trying to think of a movie that was worse than Angel. Gerard Butler’s Beowulf and Grendel, maybe.
    Thank you for telling me that there is a movie where Fassbender bottle feeds a baby bear.
    *sigh* I would wear that man like a scrunchie.

      1. I couldn’t even finish it. I’d almost turned it off five times, but the final straw was the part where he had returned crippled from war and wanted to have sex and she was all ‘We shouldn’t! Your leg injury obviously affects your junk!”

  12. It would be all about 2011 for me…a great year for him, with Jane Eyre, A Dangerous Method (I could have done without Kiera and her overactive flailing about, but with the dashing Michael as Jung and the perhaps more dashing Viggo Mortensen as Freud, my eyes were not displeased!), Shame (not really worth the guilty wallowing for me, as the gratuitous nudity didn’t balance out the incestuous creepiness) and, of course, X-Men: First Class, which would be worth any super hero silliness, if just for the behind the scenes dancing! [youtube=https://youtube.com/#/watch?v=XvEHxne2m1U]

  13. Jane Eyre is the only movie I’ve ever watched and then immediately watched again after the credits. Fassbender really captured the intense brooding of Mr. Rochester, and I couldn’t wait to watch it again with the commentary.

  14. Yep, there is sex scene it Macbeth. One coitus and one handy-wanky.
    But I think the choice of WHEN those happens is VERY STRANGE.
    The director had a very couple of strange choices throughout the movie, but it’s a gorgeous looking thing nevertheless.
    Also watch with subtitles. Shakespeare is even denser when the actors are pure scots. I saw it with 2 brits in the cinema with no subtitles, and apparently they also had a hard time.

  15. The baby-faced Fassbender in Band of Brothers immediately made me think of baby-faced McAvoy in ‘Lorna Doone’! Is it crazy how much I now associate them with one another?
    It’s like Hiddleston/ Loki & Hemsworth/ Thor, Merlin & Arthur (Colin Morgan & Bradley James), & the senior X/ Stewart & Magneto/ McKellan – they feel very inseparable from one another… like all good bromances!

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