32 thoughts on “Who’s the Best Historical Costume Film/TV Pup?

  1. About, I have 2 favs: Horace and Tori (Dash), followed by Isis & Mops.
    Then there’s Garrick and Rollo.

    1. Had trouble choosing between Mayor Cutie (best costumes) and Isis (actually watched the show), but would have picked Garrick if offered the choice.

        1. Demelza’s mutt in Poldark. I won’t put a link, but if you google “Demelza’s dog”, a nice article entitled “Meet Barley, aka Garrick…” comes up.

        1. He was an adorable Jack Russell I think and he wore lots of costumes. :-) That was a great show.

  2. I don’t even like dogs that much, but I want my own Isis so very much! Also, a big Downton-style house to keep her in, but that goes without saying.

    1. I’d prefer a Burleigh House or Chatsworth type of house with several Horace’s, Dashys, Garricks & Mopses. As well as cats.

  3. No love for Lassie, (2005 film version which is the only one that is truely based upon the book)? I preferred Albert’s dog to Victoria’s King Charles though Cavaliers are my favourite small dog. I prefer big, hairy dogs even when they are shedding all over the house. (She says looking at the carpet.)

    1. I, too, love Cavaliers as well as Wolfhound Wolfhounds of both Scottish and Irish varieties, as well as Nervous and Afghans. And I refuse to recognise dog hair on the carpet, rugs, furniture, etc….

  4. Tricky Woo was adorable and Uncle Herriot was given a nice Fortnums & Mason prezzie for each visit. Yum. Yes, let’s add him.

    Also what about favourite Frock Fill horses? Cats?

  5. Another Wishbone fan! By far the best actor of the lot! Watched the show with my son. Also partial to Dash–and the hilariously spoiled Tricky-Woo.

  6. I love all of them but I have to go with Isis because I’m partial to big doggos — and because I’M GOING TO HIGHCLERE CASTLE IN JUNE. (Sorry for shouting, I’m just so excited about it!)

    And the video about Horace the Diva is HILARIOUS.

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