8 thoughts on “TBT: Juarez Needs More Bette Davis

  1. Well, TBH, Nappy the Third did not cover himself with glory, on that occasion. He made a great deal of promises to secure an alliance with Austria… And to his credit, began by honoring them. But besides costing France a fortune, that politic was unpopular inside AND outside. He’d banked on an easy and fast victory, but when it went south, well…He sort of forgot his promises. Which, not surprising or even out of the ordinary, but Carlotta didn’t see it that way: After being led down the primrose path for a few months, she DID go insane, and not in a quiet way, badmouthing Nappy & wifey in all European courts. It’s been part of our Second Empire “dark legend” for awhile…

  2. I read somewhere, years ago that Bette’s mad scene is like watching a candle, flame, flicker and die

  3. I love Ms Davis and have been meaning to see this. Your review just made me put it next on my viewing list, as I’ve been bringing on season I of Handmaid’s Tale.

  4. AND….a bit of cool trivia, Maxililian’s doctor was a Hungarian named Haroney who fled Mexico with his family just before the assassination and went to Davenport, IA. His eldest daughter, Mary Katharine Haroney was known in later life as Doc Holiday’s sometimes girlfriend…Big Nose Kate!

    1. And… a further bit of Maximilian trivia, his short reign saw a lot of Austrians, Swiss, and Germans immigrate to Mexico and subsequently start Mexico’s brewing industry.

  5. Ooh ooh ooh Claude Rains is the best thing in ANY movie he’s in, nobody “my dear”s women with so much malevolent charm.

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