9 thoughts on “Celebrate QEI’s Birthday With The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939)

  1. That man was certainly ridiculously good looking! I coulda sworn St. Joan Collins was in this movie in a superb lavender riding habit.

  2. Reading this now (TCM is playing the movie today) and unfortunately there’s lots of broken links for the images.

    1. Never mind, submitting my previous comment caused the pix to show up. Love this movie, but yeah, the fabric choices are certainly interesting: what a shame given how much effort and detail went into the costumes.

  3. Errol Flynn always had the acting chops, even if Warner Bros sometimes refused to allow him to display them. Even Bette Davis finally admitted that he was a much better actor than she had originally assumed.

  4. I love this movie. (BTW, the crying girl pictured is Nanette Fabray!) And Errol Flynn was really quite good in this. He just never gets credit.

  5. This is my favourite movie of all time with both actors absolutely first class. They don’t make them like this these days…not a bedroom scene in sight , but feel the love she had for him.

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