9 thoughts on “TBT: Jezebel (1938)

  1. That red dress…!!! It’s not that it’s red, it’s that it’s strapless! That’s like showing up in nothing but a corset. Yikes, THAT’s a departure from 1850s. The skirt silhouettes are pretty good, though. Very big bell shape, not crinolin’d.

  2. It’s my understanding that they made up a red dress, only to find out that it didn’t read as red on the black and white film. So Bette is actually wearing a chocolate brown gown!

  3. The sexism and racism in this movie is no better or worse than they were in “Gone With the Wind”. Both stories are about women who “needs to be taken down a peg” by society, and eventually the leading man, for not knowing their place. Ironically, I think I like Julie Marsden a bit more than Scarlett O’Hara. She seemed a bit more subtle and probably a little more likable.

    And although “Jezebel” lacked the glorious Technicolor of “Gone With the Wind”, I was a little more impressed with the costumes.

  4. I saw Jezebel recently and it seemed to me she was wearing too little underwear in the dressing scene, shouldn’t there be a petticoat over the hoops? You don’t want them to show through your dress do you?

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