11 thoughts on “MCM: Colin Firth’s Greatest Hits in Pride and Prejudice

  1. The band The Doubleclicks agrees with your assessment of Mr. Firth. And the “cutting of one’s teeth” thereupon. Put down the coffee while listening:

  2. I love when Lizzie is dancing with Mr. Collins, and he stalks her along the edge of the ballroom- then Mr. Collins crashes into some lady’s bosom and it cuts to Darcy’s quiet little smirk.
    Also the scene when she walks into the ball earlier that night and upon seeing her, he does a double take and then just STARES at her as though he is about to devour her…*swoon*

  3. Little late to the party, BUT. I was only 5 when this PandP came out, and my version of “He’s cute!” was Eric from The Little Mermaid. My first foray into movie Pride and Prejudice land was the 2005 version, which I enjoyed (having first watched it in homeroom the following year) until the day my mother handed me a copy of the book and I was immediately horrified at the lack of continuity between character personalities/descriptions and the movie. I actually only stumbled across this version about a year and a half ago, when insomnia had me thumbing through Hulu for entertainment.

    I am a convert. Holy sweet Jesus, I am a convert. All hail, Colin Firth. Holy crap. I wish I had other words, but I don’t, and since my two year old is attempting to overtake my keyboard, I’m going to stop gushing now.

  4. Very late to the party. Ditto on the fencing scene AND when he runs down the stairs at Pemberley buttoning his coat, desperate to catch her before she leaves. And then gazing after her when she does leave.

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