8 thoughts on “The Long Song (2018) Is Worth the Long Wait

  1. I have not heard of this book or series, nor know much about Jamaican history, but this looks very interesting!

  2. I saw the series when it was released in the UK, and then went and read the book. I enjoyed both immensely. July is a fascinating character and her sense of humour carries you through, what is quite a harrowing story. The costumes were great too, although I have been reading Kassia St Clair’s The Golden Thread, which has a chapter on Cotton and America which has a really interesting section on what slaves in America would have worn. Apparently it was common for slaves to dye and make their own clothes, perhaps the clothes in TV series worn by slaves – all those cast-offs, don’t tell the whole story.

  3. This is a series that should be shown to schools teaching students about slavery, emancipation and life afterwards. Ms. Tamara Lawrence, as July, gives a brilliant well crafted, emotional and thoughtful performance which should give her a BAFTA and Emmy nominations. Where has she been and what other things has she done?

  4. I’m not sure I can bear to watch Jack Lowden play a plantation overseer. But this does look quite good.

  5. I’ve seen some ads for this–glad to hear it’s good! I could tell from the ads it was actually focused on the July character and her perspective.

  6. It’s amazing how much better Hayley looks in Edwardian or 40s clothing than … this. All of those frills don’t suit her at all. I may check it out, though. I hadn’t realized it had come to PBS yet. :)

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