12 thoughts on “Colette (2018) Transitions Through the Belle Epoque

  1. I was able to watch it on Amazon Prime and I want the Frenchie (her dog).

    Her husband was a jerk or is it jerque in French😉 to say the least.

  2. I saw this movie on a whim and absolutely loved it, the costumes were especially fabulous. I immediately bought the collected Claudine novellas and the Collette biography by Judith Thurman.

  3. Thanks for the release today for all of us. I couldn’t spot Keira was corsetless either.
    Clothes were gorgeous, especially the embrodered dress.

  4. There was a wonderful French miniseries on Colette that was screened here in UK with subtitles in the 1980s. Macha Méril played the older Colette. Unfortunately it’s hard to get on DVD: horribly expensive whenever I’ve seen copies appear.

  5. It’s not a kimono. The sleeves are different. My best guess from that one picture is a Chinese coat in the Manchu style.

  6. For once I like how Keira’s lankiness deceived me into thinking she was wearing a corset.
    Although her suits have many androgynous details as per the designer,I think she looked like a very sharply dressed refined lady with a personal taste for lack of fussiness befitting her job as an author.The costumes read more as practical than androgynous to me(they are so pretty,I can’t picture myself wearing it so maybe not that androgynous?).For the same reason the costumes remind me of Bernadette Banner’s style.

  7. This might be one of the only times that someone in a period film hasn’t worn a corset and I haven’t noticed. Also I appreciate there was thought behind it besides “corsets were oppressive!!”

    Although I have wondered, when an actress chooses to go corsetless, do they wear a bra instead? Or do they go for no supportive garment? A bra would give a completely different shape, but going without anything sounds uncomfortable. But then again, I might have a hard time imagining it because I haven’t been able to go braless since I was like 13 lol.

  8. KK was better in these costumes than in most of her costume films but not so much the later part of film as the performer. She is a flat line actress to me, though she is gorgeous and looks like she should be more expressive. Dominic West is always slightly lecherous to me…maybe his eyebrows, I don’t know, or maybe it is The Affair, which I loathed/hate-watched for a while. But I liked most costumes and most of the film.

  9. I read a biography about Colette years ago. She really DID have those two braids, but they were longer, nearly reaching her ankles. Colette herself wrote about them and said that they were like “whips.” So I’m down with the braids.

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