20 thoughts on “Tale of Tales Indulges in 17th-Century Fairy Tales

  1. Thanks for posting this. After reading your description and seeing these photos, this just got moved into my Netflix streaming queue.

    This looks absolutely amazing costume- and set-wise.

  2. Yay! I keep wanting to watch this, but feel like YOU are the best person to review it, so I’ve been waiting for you to do it first! OMG THE BLOND’S HAIR AND GOWNS LUST LUST LUST LUST

  3. I saw this in theaters once it was released in the states, and LOVED it. I’d been salivating over the trailer for a year at that point, and I’m pretty sure my pupils dilated to the size of an anime character’s for the duration of the film.

  4. I’m going to be looking for this one! Salma Hayek & the 17th century are too much to ignore — even if she is in an 18th-century gown.

    1. It’s a little mishmashy but not a lot. The costumes are surprisingly consistent to a 17th-c aesthetic, & altho’ I didn’t take screencaps of the lower-class garb, even those are quite accurate & wonderfully detailed.

  5. thanks for the review, just added to my netflix. And Tulip Fever is now available on the same service.

    I’m wondering if it might be helpful to note (maybe every couple of months) when films that have been reviewed show up on streaming like Netflix and Prime…

  6. Gee and I dropped Netflix for Amazon Prime with Brittbox & Acorn. Hmm maybe I’ll add it again.

  7. I loved the costumes and the castles but the disjointed storyline just left me cold.

  8. Watched it recently and really enjoyed it. It is such a rich, layered film and looks gorgeous as well. I felt as though I needed to rewatch immediately just to get a fuller appreciation of it.
    I loved that red dress.

    1. ETA: Watched the movie. Definitely not for little ones, and I pity those who watch it by accident.

  9. I just loved the bit at the very end when Violet gets her big plot reveal. That was such a fabulous moment.

  10. Yes and I love it! Its so wonderfully weird, and even though I know nothing of costuming I fell in love with all the clothing the first time I watched it 🌸

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