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  1. I love this show so much! And I looove that the Smithsonian is doing the recaps; those are my favorite Monday morning read. :)

    Yeah, what was with that sort of prairie dress and hair in the 40s?! Oh Lucy…

    I wasn’t sure about Jessica at first, but after this past week’s I’m becoming a fan. Such a good, fun show!

  2. Now I want a show all about that wardrobe department, complete with betting pools on who will get grey hair first.

  3. I only caught a few episodes of the first season, but I rather enjoyed it. Is it available to watch anywhere?

  4. Gave up on the show in the first season.

    Thought of you ladies instantly when I saw the Tweets floating around.

  5. I love this show. It’s crazy pants but I like that it also gives little known facts like Wendell Scott and the fact that Ben Franklin’s aunt did accuse people of witchcraft in each episode. Since it doesn’t look like I’m going to get a 3rd National Treasure movie any time soon I’ll take Timeless. And laugh out loud about the seamstress making historical clothes for the time-travelers instead of a tech genius. Especially if the time-traveler comes back and the outfit is ruined for some reason.

  6. You should try the great Spanish series “El Ministerio del Tiempo”, it’s rumored timeless is based on this show.

      1. Seriously though, why cut out the make-out-in-the-pool? I would have been another great nod to The Philadelphia Story, and they could have avoided that weird transition!

        1. So, I just posted a comment about the fact they have released the Wyatt and Lucy pool scene as a deleted scene. The comment is gone and I included a link. Does your website host not allow links?

            1. Ah! That’s annoying. Sorry for making you do extra work on the weekend then!

  7. I have always loved Katharine Hepburn’s wardrobe in ‘The Philadelphia Story’. Wrong studio or not, it is kind of cool to see them pull directly from the movies like that.

  8. Puritans — I’m dubious about that collar, too. Major point: Puritans DID NOT wear black. Why? Because it was one of the most expensive colours to create. Also, they would have considered it pretentious. Typical Puritan colours would have been grey, medium to dark blue, tawny (a shade of orange-tan), murrey (mulberry), and brown, maybe others in those areas. On the other hand, Spanish and Dutch Catholics did wear black, but more at court levels than lower down. If you can find it, the novel “Mist Over Pendle” gives a lot of detail about Puritan clothing, and is a terrific adventure story about the Pendle Forest witches.

    1. All of the people involved in the Salem Witch Trials were wealthy merchants, therefore they would have worn black.

  9. Also, the Hedy Lamarr actress could have passed for Ava Gardner but she has nothing of the mysterious, pouty, Gothic novella feel that Hedy exudes. When she showed up I seriously thought they were going to say she was Ava Gardner.

    1. I’ve seen real outfits in museums worn by Hedy Lamar and Ava Gardner – they barely broke the heights of 5’3 – 5’5. I am 5’11 and I was looking down at what I thought were children’s dresses! They could have found an actress that wasn’t so thin and tall!

  10. Love Timeless! I had to stop reading your article, and go catch up with the Witch episode and come back. :)

  11. I had a project when I organized traveling museum exhibitions with the U.S. Mint (first headed by David Rittenhouse). The exhibition didn’t get off the ground, mainly because it was a vanity piece (people who think they have great stuff for an exhibition but don’t want to do the work). So, having Rittenhouse is evil is a great joy to me.

  12. In regards to that thing about Time Travel dressers and costumers going around Facebook, I would highly suggest you read Connie Willis’s To Say Nothing of the Dog, Blackout, and All Clear novels. They have a Time Travel department whose costumers feel exactly like that. (And the books are super good!)

    1. Oh my word. Another Connie Willis fan! Her books are SUPERB, so meticulously researched you feel like you are there. I recommend Doomsday Book to start with, as it was her first one. Because of a technician error, a history student is accidentally sent back to the wrong time, ending up in 1348, just in time to witness the Black Death. One of the most harrowing reads I’ve ever experienced, but so amazing.

      To Say Nothing of the Dog is a lighthearted comedy with historians traveling to the late Victorian age. Blackout/All Clear is about multiple home front experiences in WWII England. Willis’s books are long, but the level of immersion can’t be beat.

  13. I love, love, love Timeless! I had the same reaction to Lucy’s hair on the second day of the Hollywoodland episode. I wasn’t crazy about the dress, but OMG the hair was terrible. For some reason, Lucy can leave the present with normal contemporary hair and then do her hair up into a curly bob (King of the Delta Blues)after she’s first arrived and stolen clothes (does she steal a curling iron too?) , but she can’t do her hair in a 40s hairstyle when she’s staying with Hedy Lamar? LOL

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