12 thoughts on “Reader Request Review: Joseph Andrews (1977) – That’s a Lot of Look

  1. Mrs Slipslop is Beryl Reid, a fairly well-known British actress, probably best remembered forThe Killing of Sister George.

  2. Is it just me, or does the pup in the last picture have a total WTF expression? Poor thing looks traumatized

  3. I saw this when it first was released. There was some full frontal male nudity as I remember, which was rather surprising. BTW, this is Fielding’s second novel parodying Samuel Richardson’s ‘Pamela’; the first was ‘Shamela’. Apparently Fielding didn’t think much of Richardson.

    1. Can’t really blame Fielding here. The Pamela is basically the Twilight during its time: popular, but with a discerning moral behind it.

      At least Clarissa is better.

  4. I’m so so on the costumes (though those colors…gah!). But my boobs hurt in sympathy with how high she had to hitch them up in those dresses.

  5. I watched this movie because it looked original. I did enjoy it although none of it made sense. Everything seemed to hinge on getting Ann Margaret to wear the lowest cut bodice’s, just to this side of decency, imaginable. Which I don’t blame them, they knew what assets they had to highlight! XD

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