15 thoughts on “Costume Designer Orry-Kelly: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. Some Like it Hot looks better and more modern every year. I remember being astonished when I saw it as a young adult, because i thought it was an “old” movie and was expecting it to be boring.

  2. OMG, Some Like It Hot! Love, love, love. Yes, the boys’ 20s frocks are absolutely perfect. Marilyn, goddess lover her, was the wrong shape . . . for the 20s. Clothes did hang better on Jack Lemmon!

  3. I haven’t seen many things he did (Some Like It Hot is an all-time favorite though!), but Women He’s Undressed is so good!

  4. Yet again you educate me. I’ve always loved O-K’s costumes; I never knew he was from Kiama (15 mins from my family’s home town). And a huge thanks for the reference to Gillian Anderson’s film which I just watched and highly recommend not only for the story but the costume porn!

  5. Period accuracy be damned! I would happily put every one of Russell’s Auntie Mame costumes into my wardrobe.

  6. Even though costumes from classic film aren’t always completely historical, I appreciate how everything fits so well. I’m willing to forgive a lot of costume sins if the garment actually fits the actor.

  7. I went home last night and watched this film based on his memoirs, and WOW I have a much lower opinion of Cary Grant now. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Great documentary. Cary Grant Wikipedia entry still claims there is no evidence of homosexuality. Lol!

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