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  1. Hi girls,

    I’m one of those people, who asked you to review a frock flick, namely “Angelique” from 2013 by Ariel Zeitoun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ang%C3%A9lique_(film).

    I donated you via Paypal, because I thought you were a pay-for-review service, but in the end I have withdrawn my request, because I was afraid of your snark (“Angelique” is my favourite movie).

    Now, I think that the objective truth about the costumes must be faced ;-). If I understand correctly that’s the mission of your site :-).

    Thank you for clarifying the criteria that decide, if you review a period film or not (if you nevertheless had a chance to take a look at “Angelique”, it would be nice).

  2. Not directly on topic, but do you think you guys could have a weekly “off topic” or chat thread? Blogs like Ask A Manager, Corporette, Jezebel etc. have them and it’s nice to build community. I also feel like there are things I might want to discuss with other readers of frock flicks, but there it doesn’t make sense to bring them up on a thread dedicated to a specific movie.

    1. I didn’t realize the trailer for LW was out yet; found it, watched it… meh. I suspect the Ryder version of LW will remain my favorite. ;)

  3. It seems appropriate to request two of my favourite actors for Women Candy Day. The first, Susan Hampshire, you have referenced in you New Version of Vanity Fair announcement. But she’s done alot of FrockFlicks. She was the original Fleur in the B&W Forsyte Saga, Lady Sarah Marlborough in the First Churchills, Lady Glencora Palliser, was in Barchester Chronicles, the Grand and others.
    The second is Francesca Annis.

  4. Oh, the timing. I named a request in the comments section of the previous post and am now enjoying the coincidence of this topic popping up so soon.

  5. The Borgias please! Dress and hairstyles.. ♥ I find the dress very unique and hairstyles gorgerous, sadly, no one recreates any of those.. or I just can’t find it

  6. Far and Away it’s dubbed here in Italy, so we don’t have a problem with Cruise’s accent or acting, and it’s an actually brilliant, entartaining, romantic, well done movie. I suspect the adaptation altered some of the dialogues as well, because the story is one of the movie’s stong points, in the Italian version.

    I think, generally speaking, that we (Italians) are lucky with US movies sometimes, because the dubbing and adaptation saves many of them – Collateral beauty is just the last that comes to my mind, since it’s horrible in English but rather nice in Italian.

    Still, Ever After is my most beloved cheesy costume movie, along with the Heath Ledger version of Casanova, for it’s Venetian settings.

  7. Speaking of requests, do you guys do Q&A? I know you tend to post personal favorites and opinions on this site, but i think most of us have questions pilling up in our notes tempting to ask you some stuff, ranging from historical costumes to films, history, books, to anything basically (at least ones that weren’t answered).

  8. I promise, I promise that I did a search before I posted this, but it occurred to me last night that “A League of Our Own” has plenty of day to day, 1940’s fashions and styles that are just perfect for a review. Not the milkmaid farmgirl overalls, obviously, but all the pintucked blouses and middle-market hats and coats, plus a few dashing pieces mostly so we can all marvel at how stylish and lovely Geena Davis is (and she’s a jock! – as the movie would have us gasp).

    Plus! I decided on a lark to actually look up the All American Girls League teams and saw that the “scandalous” skirted uniforms in story were actually based upon female tennis and skating athletic costumes of the time,,,, so there is that angle, to

  9. Have you ever done a review of the 1988 Dangerous Liasons with Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Michelle Pfeiffer, Keanau Reeves? I searched but didn’t find it. What a cast, and right up your alley costume-wise! Thanks…

  10. I Would recommend:
    The Forsyte Saga (1967)
    The First Churchills (1969)
    War and Peace (1972)
    The Pallisers (1974) Emmy for awesome achievement in costumes
    Jennie, Lady Randolph Churchill (1974) Emmy
    The Barchester Chronicles (1982)
    A Woman of Independent Means (1995) emmy

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