4 thoughts on “Costume Designer Rosalind Ebbutt: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. Nope, not the Poldark you’re thinking of, but an earlier attempt to reboot the 1975 series.

    Actually, the 1996 TV movie was an attempt to continue the “POLDARK” series with an adaptation of Winston Graham’s first Poldark novel from the 1980s.

  2. Ooooh, I didn’t even think about there being a designer on Manor House, which, duh, of course! I love that show… I have the DVDs. :-) The change from the relatively middle class values main family to essentially “but I give them work!” husband and the doctor wife following along, fascinating. The servants were a mix of personalities, generally interesting, and I just wanted to hug Mr. Edgar, which would probably have made him mildly uncomfortable in the best old fashioned way.

    Regency House Party on the other hand… what a disaster.

  3. Quality work.

    Had a couple of my sewing friends over a few weeks ago to work on a Regency gown together and we binge-watched Victoria and gushed over the costumes — her purple gown in particular is absolutely exquisite…

  4. Late to this post, but yes, I love her work! I especially am a fan of her costumes for Emma (2009). I loved that the colors were strong and interesting as opposed to the washed out whites of many other Austen pieces. Like, I love P&P 1995, but one thing that is a little dreary about it is the lack of color on the heroines. They seemed to use color in that production as a shorthand for mean, tacky, classless characters, which is really depressing. I totally get that white/ivory gowns were the trend for young women of the regency period, but even refined fashionable young women of that period wore colored fabrics sometimes.

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