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    1. Whatever happened to Aunt Agatha? Also, in 1975, George is dominated by daddy, Nicholas, whereas in 2015 Uncle Carey is obviously the junior partner.

  1. I remember the original series. I was 12 and that was just about right to fall madly in love with Poldark the man and the series. I remember thinking that Demelza was so kickass and Elizabeth was so boring. I love the new series too and reread the first book . (its free on kindle) There are a ton of other books too, so the series will have a lot to tap into if needs be.

    1. This new Elizabeth goes after Ross much more than in the original. I dislike how she is with Ross, how she knows she is hurting Demelza and he is no better. She calls him “her Dear Ross”, i.e. which was serious stuff back then. And she knows she is playing with fire. In the older series, Elizabeth kept her distance as much as she could. There was still plenty of tension in the original without the more overt behavior on her part…not excusing Ross in either version…but it annoys me. I liked the friendship between her & Demelza…

  2. I like Elizabeth but it’s mainly out of stubbornness – in love triangles, unless the third wheel is an utter heel, I always gravitate to the one that’s obviously not to be. Outside of my meta issues, I don’t understand why the publicity says “his true love is getting married to his cousin!!” Not … really.

    1. In the old series I couldn’t stand blond Elizabeth. She was so weak, fluttery and confused. In the new one I have somewhat more compassion for her position in wanting her son to inherit plus money and her mother’s health issues. It seems a fairly realistic depiction of women’s places back in Ye Olden Days. Upper class women didn’t usually marry for love and usually didn’t even have a choice. The only reason Elizabeth can “choose” is that she’s a widow. We’re seeing that played out in her situation.

      I always laugh when I hear brides talk about wanting to be “princesses” on their wedding days. Princesses were as a whole, notoriously unhappy people.

  3. I also recall the 70’s version of Poldark, though I was but a wee bairn at the time I loved the original show. I’m a bit leery of the new version if only because the quality of the acting and writing was so good in the original. I’m honestly afraid the Beeb will do to Poldark what Joe Wright (may his navel be forever infested with fleas) did to Pride and Prejudice in ’05.

  4. Because my DVR is apparently smarter than I am, I missed out on the first 2/3 of episode one of the new series. :Q
    I vividly remember conducting long conversations with my friend Lisa as Prudie and Judd after being immersed in the first series, and was thrilled that ‘new’ Prudie seems just as slatternly this time around.
    However–why did Prudie seem to have the only cap in evidence? Everybody else seems to be revelling in bare-headed hippie hair. Not impressed. Also, unless Prudie stole her jacket from Judd, why does it button up the front? It looks like a Coldwater Creek failure from the back of my mother’s closet…

  5. I do remember the old series, and for that reason I was loathe to watch the new version. Poldark came across as a cad to me in the earlier version of the story. I finally caved because Mr Selfridge was kind of a jerk, too, especially in real life, and all the good BBC series are on hiatus. Yes, this one has far superior eye candy. I guess I’ll keep watching for now.

  6. Yes, I’m old enough to have watched the original series (and have rewatched on DVD recently). I’ve read the books. Was excited about the new reboot but not for long.

    Pretty is as pretty does: all looks and no substance IMO. And historically inaccurate. You might drool over the bare-chested scything but noone in their right mind in that period would have done that, especially not a gentleman!! And why did they have to repeat the first series error of making Demelza a red-head? And yes 100x about Elizabeth not being blonde, and IMO too approachable (no sign of the ice princess yet).

    Ah well, I still watched it all, bought the DVD (mostly to see the full unedited episodes PBS failed to show us). I still prefer the story telling of the 1975 version.

  7. I’m not sure that the current series is “faster.” The first series of the 1975 version went through the first four books in the Poldark series, I believe. This one has taken 8 show to go through 2; not so different.

  8. Elizabeth is a problematic character in both series — I find it hard to see why Ross is so hung up on her — but having a strong physical difference between her and Demelza helped in the ’75 version.

    I think Elizabeth is problematic, because many want Ross to move on and simply focus on Demelza. But his relationship with the two women are too complicated for such a simple solution. Ross never gets over Elizabeth. I don’t think he ever gets over the fact that she had rejected him for Francis, following his return from America. And he was not in love with Demelza, a woman from another class, when he married her. He grew to love her. But it was Verity (in the 2015 series), who accurately observed that Ross loved and wanted both women. And I believe his feelings both remained that way until the end of the series, despite his successful marriage to Demelza.

    And historically inaccurate. You might drool over the bare-chested scything but noone in their right mind in that period would have done that, especially not a gentleman!!

    Which is why Ross is being regarded with dismay by his upper-crust neighbors.

    1. By the way, no gentleman would marry his kitchen maid, regardless of whether or not he slept with her or got her pregnant. Yet, Graham had decided to follow this route.

  9. Bit belatedly…Poldark 2015 is actually LONGER than 1975. Because the 2015 episodes – at least the full, UK version not the vandalised cut PBS version – are 58 minutes long. Longer than the 1975 episodes. And, as has rightly been pointed out before, 2015 dramatises the first two books in 8 episodes. 1975 dramatised the first FOUR books in 16 episodes. And the ten-episode Season 2, dramatising books 3 & 4, means the combined Seasons 1 & 2 will be considerably longer that 1975.

    As for comparing 1975 and 2015: I am old enough to have seen, and enjoyed, both. 1975 was a product of its era, and therefore IMO has a much more “stage production” feel. I believe much of the interior scenes were shot on a sound stage in BBC’s Pebble Mill studios. 2015, more faithful to the books, was shot much more like a movie, mostly on location and by an independent production company. I thoroughly enjoyed 1975 at the time. But 2015 has just blown me away. Absolutely wonderful.

    1. You nailed it! 2015 is truer to the books and fantastically produced. I do like both but 2015 is far superior.

    2. I totally agree,I enjoyed both versions too and I think the new one is really amazing.I love it.

  10. Considering that the 2015 version is not completed, I don’t see how the 1975 version can be judged longer. It’s apparent that Debbie Horsfield is merely stretching out the episodes over a longer period of time than the 70s series did.

  11. I have been a fan of Poldark since 1975 and love both of these series. But when I reread the books, it is mainly the 1975 cast I have in mind. BUT I like the new Dwight Enys (tho I loved Richard Morant but not the actor who took over the part) The original Francis was better too- stroppier and angrier at life. The character I find most difficult to accept in the new series is Elizabeth. Heida is a fine actress and gorgeous…but in the books Elizabeth is blonde and fair…that is her attraction. Also Caroline Penvenen is a fiery redhead and not a blonde bimbo! But these are only small irks, and I do love this series.Long may it continue. Though I hope they don’t continue after the 7th book, as the writing and stories deteriorate quite badly from books 7 to 12. I hope they never film them! As for the 1996 debacle, harriet, least said the better! Forget it!

    1. PS Another niggle….I thought Cornwall was windswept and cold. So WHY do all the women go around with their bosoms uncovered all the time?? The men are sensibly dressed in waistcoats,cravats, top coats etc. Maybe it explains a lot about the ‘morbid sore throat epidemic. Get some clothes on ladies! Don’t wander around on breezy cliffs in the middle of winter with a bit of chiffon covering you! Get a woolly shawl on!

  12. New Poldark is filmed much better and everyone looks luscious as does the scenery. But the old Ross had a sense of danger about him and also you believed he could be a Captain. I don’t think the new Poldark as handsome as he is would have made if above Lieutenant. Still the filming is lovely and the story still intriguing.

  13. Heida is a fine actress and gorgeous…but in the books Elizabeth is blonde and fair…that is her attraction. Also Caroline Penvenen is a fiery redhead and not a blonde bimbo!

    Yet, in both the 1975 and the present series, Demelza is a redhead, instead of the dark-haired woman from the novels.

  14. Things are a bit behind here in Oz. We only got new series 1/2 way through this year. I’m really enjoying it though, the actors, the dramatic scenery, even the music which stays as an earworm for most of the week between episodes. I watched the first series with my Dad (now departed) when I had just started working, so the thought of it still arouses a bit of nostalgia. Then when I had the opportunity to make the Aussie pilgrimage back to the motherland in 1979, I rekindled my link with the novels when I visited a friend in Launceston. I then started buying and reading all the books whilst I travelled around on buses and of course, ended up with excess baggage when I returned home. Sadly, a cousin borrowed my novels and I no longer have them to share with my husband.

  15. I’ve seen both versions and I still love Robin Ellis as Ross. He defined swashbuckling and dashing. I’m glad he’s still around to play the judge. I devoured the old version and recently re-watched some of it (my PBS station showed it at odd hours and I had a hard time finding it). While I still believe that Elizabeth needs a good spanking, I always thought Elizabeth in the 1975 one was indeed the ice queen, but stupid as a basket. At least the current one isn’t quite so dithering and always running to Ross to solve her problems. And I will always love the late Angharad Reese as Demelza. She was both feisty and adorable. And frankly, I thought the costumes were better and more interesting in some ways. At least they didn’t all look the same.

  16. Elizabeth needed a “spanking”? I see that many fans are still so disturbed by Ross’ continuing feelings for Elizabeth that they feel the need to constantly find a reason to insult her. I find this attitude interesting . . . especially toward a fictional character.

  17. Well, I didn’t say it, but of course, Ross needs a kick in the breeches for his behavior. I never could see what he saw in Elizabeth (in either version). While we have reactions to various characters, I wonder what the viewers think of them. I have a visceral reaction to Elizabeth, just as I have one to George Warleggan. I think part of it is because while the actress who played her in the 70s was icily beautiful, I don’t find Heida Reed particularly attractive. I know that’s shallow, but at least I can understand why Ross might be hung up on an ice queen. I just don’t find any redeeming qualities, even her clothing, in this one.

  18. I must have watched one or two episodes of the 70’s POLDARK, because I have faint memories of them, but I didn’t like it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why it was such a megahit. I greeted the news of a remake with a huge yawn, and didn’t watch, until I finally caught up with it in reruns. Now I’m totally hooked and counting the days until Season 3.

  19. I was reluctant to watch new series having watched original in 1975 plus have read all the books. new series enjoyable, but prefer the originL Think the characters of prudie and jud far better in original poldark. Alzo prefer the original portrayal of Elizabeth. overall the acting of the characters better in 1975, in my opinion.

  20. I have stopped watching the new Poldark because it seems to have run away from Winston Graham’ s novels and become nothing more than an insipid pot boiler with shallow characters. Ross and Demelza, in the novels and the old series, may have had their struggles and differences, but they always stood beside each other; we never doubted their love for each other- even when they did. They had integrity. There wad domeyhing exciting and dangerous – and sexy- about the seventies Ross. The new one seems more into perfecting his frown and looking dramatic. These new characters blow hot and cold and posture and say and do stupid things, and the writers seem to be going for constant cheap tricks. Let’s show Ross’ nude chest and have Osborn sucking toes, and Aunt Agatha farting and playing with fortune telling. And let’s not forget Demelza giving her brother a lecture of knowing one’ s place! What about Ross calling the new tall, hulking Demelza “child” when he feeds her before taking her home with him. Pretty silly. And poor Elizabeth wanted to break off her engagement and Ross says NO!?! And so on.

  21. I LOVED almost every character in 1975 Poldark; expecially poor Francis, how I cried for him, and of course Ellis and Rees. I so loved them, I can’t THINK of other faces…..Some scenes of the old series are decidedly too slow (Jud Painter after the trial, for example), yet I loved Morwenna and her story,too, with Osborne such a perfect villain. Of course acting itself is different after 40 years, yet Poldark 1975 really was SOMETHING in my teens. And we can’t forget Our First Love.

  22. I have enjoyed both versions, (I have the 1975 version on DVD) & now I am reading the books, I am on book 12, the last book. I have actually enjoyed the books more & found it hard to get red headed Demelza out of my mind as this is not how she’s described in the books. The redhead in the books is Caroline Enys. I really love the books and the way Winston Graham describes the characters, the clothes & the environment. The two series did a pretty good job I thought. George Warleggan in the books is quite different in some ways to the 2015 version but you do get a sense of his personality.

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