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  1. She was in a British soap opera back in the early 2000s and I’ve had a bit of a crush on her ever since, tbh. I also love that she and Prince Albert (whatever his name is) are a couple in real life, for some reason that makes me enjoy Victoria more.

      1. I know, right? Although there was a rumour at one stage that she was dating Prince Harry, which could have led to a weird royal hole in the space-time continuum (or something)…

  2. Clara. My second least favourite new Who companion. Wanted to beat her to death with a stick.

    As for Victoria, she’s far too pretty and plays the character terribly.

    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only one who has no love for her. One dimensional and way way too over exposed. Worst Victoria ever, and I vote her worst Companion — she’s the reason I stopped watching Who.

    2. Count me in . She does nothing for me, and Clara is my second least-favorite companion after Donna. (Actually, I don’t really like NuWho much anyway; I’m more of an old-school purist.)

      And yes, she is totally physically wrong for Victoria.

    3. Clara was a terrible character, all sassy manic pixie chirpiness and no personality, but Coleman isn’t totally bad. She has this captivating doll face and a lot of energy and she can deliver SOME lines in a convincing way (which is more than I can say for Karen Gillan). I think Coleman could maybe do well with a “sassy airhead” type of role where she actually gets some funny dialog — not just saying a lot of lines very quickly.

    4. Clara seems to be pretty polarizing, and a lot of people dislike her. I am split on her as a character myself—I liked her with 11. But it seems like they didn’t really know what to do with her after a while. They didn’t give her much that was meaningful or interesting to do, but meanwhile kept hyping her like she was the messiah or something (they should’ve let the “impossible girl” thing run its course and then left it). However I felt like her character in Zygon Inversion (zygon who took Clara’s image) was really compelling (and quite different from Clara). But I didn’t find her that interesting overall by the end. Probably contributed to how much I like Bill.

  3. I liked her her take on Queen Victoria. But I really enjoyed her as the older Lydia Bennet Wickham.

  4. Don’t you mean JFRC?

    I enjoy her Victoria but I was missing Billie Pipers on Dr Who to really give her a chance. And her Lydia made Death Comes to Pemblerley watchable.

  5. I hated Clara so much, but I like Jenna in general — I really enjoy her Victoria and she was marvelous as Lydia. Having Bill in Doctor Who made Clara a bit more tolerable; I tend to like companions better when I know when they’re leaving. :P

  6. BTW, that Doctor Who Orient Express episode actually takes place in some future-oid time, and the train is, I kid you not, going through outer space.

  7. Jenna was also one of the 1940s girls that Bucky rounded up to “double date” with him and Steve in the first Captain America movie.

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