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  1. Well, Madame de Pompadour of course! First, because Dr Who. Second, because she smooched 10 and third, I quite like that dress… So, okay, the hair’s all wrong and no powder, but at least it’s up! And as Louis XV mistresses go, we’ve seen far worse: Yes, I’m looking at you, Outlander (No, I’m not over it. I may NEVER be over it)

  2. The Doctor Who photo does look like a room full of polyester to me, but that might be sacrilege on my part. I have not seen her in enough things to have a favourite, although it seems she has indeed been in quite a lot.

  3. Actually she played Johnny Depp’s wife in flashbacks in From Hell; she was never a prostitute and she died in childbirth. The loss of his wife and child is the reason he’s addicted to laudanum and absinthe in the movie…..

    I feel she’s underrated, and should have had a bigger break! Glad shes getting some love in this post.

  4. Love her. Seen them all, and a lot more of her work besides. About a billion years ago, Facebook had a “change your profile picture to a celebrity you resemble” day and my friends universally chose Sophia Myles for mine. Round face. Big eyes. Blonde. Yup. Maybe that’s why I like her so much; I feel a kinship with round-faced girls. Haha.

  5. After all the Weinstein BS, it makes me wonder if her lack of career has anything to do with that…I loved her in “Sleeping Murder.”

  6. Thank you so much for your comments on Discovery of Witches- I wanted to like that book bc the concept was promising (Oxford! Academia! The occult!) but the characters drove me to distraction.

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