7 thoughts on “Costume Designer Susannah Buxton: The Frock Flicks Guide

  1. So many costuming details to love! There are several flicks here I’d like to see, including “The Woodlanders.” I own a DVD of that “Jane Eyre,” my favorite version (the ONLY true Rochester), although it could stand to be an hour longer.

  2. Britannic was terribly inaccurate, but had great costumes to fit ca. 1916! It came out a couple years after Titanic won all the awards.

  3. I own Blackadder, and Robbie Coltrane was spot on as Dr. Johnson as well as hilarious, but there is ANOTHER flick with him as the great doctor? I can’t find it on IMBD.

  4. St. Ives is my favorite of the flicks. I found it on Youtube and it is on Amazon Prime. Very funny although some uniforms are strange (espoecially for 1814!!!).

  5. Oooh, I really liked this deep dive. I was not familiar with Susannah Buxton by name, though I have see a few of the productions that feature her work. I love it when the posts introduce me to so much info and films. There’s a lot here that I haven’t seen that really intrigues me. My fave, of course, is Downton Abbey.

    And also, I need that pic of Ciaran Hinds as Rochester to be the wallpaper on my computer. (Sigh!)

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