13 thoughts on “Five Fashionable Things About Peaky Blinders

  1. There is actually reasoning behind why Esme and Polly wear their hair like that. They’re Romany-descended, and Romany fashion is outside of the fashion even now. (See ‘My Big Fat Gypsy’ anything, if you can stand it). I think with Ada, it’s to show she’s a very modern woman, to mark her as a ‘Flapper’ from the first moment she appears. The Shelbys do have money, but it’s illegal money and they spend it in ways that are quite odd!

    Grace does need some hairpins, though. Her blue transition dress was embroidered by Michele Carragher who did the embroidery for Game of Thrones, and it’s so beautiful :D

    I absolutely love this show, though :D

    1. But it’s such a cliche for Romany to be shown with “long scraggly unkempt hair” on screen. Much like the nightclub scenes with cliche ’20s flappers. The show relies on obvious visuals, while it also tries to be hip & fresh with the music & cinematography.

      Then again, I mostly watched it on Netflix for Cillian Murphy. He’s mighty fine, even if Tommy is a jerk ;-)

      Great to know about the embroidery — that was a really cool dress, probably the best on the show!

  2. I love this show. You may like this bit of trivia. My Dad is from Yorkshire, Leeds to be exact. He still calls the newsboy cap a “ratting cap” I don’t even want to know why (I do actually, I ask him next time I see him)

  3. Haven’t watched the show, but that first pic of Grace, with her hair down and that hat, is T.R.A.G.I.C.

    And Cillian Murphy, yum!

    And I’d love to know more about the term “ratting” cap!

    1. The lack of hats & the lame hats when they do exist — basically, the woeful state of millinery in this show, for a period that has amazing hats — would have been #6 on my list, totes.

      But I prob. got distracted by Cillian’s beautiful blue eyes & stopped writing.

  4. I have just found Peaky Blinders and I agree that Ada is supposed to be very fashion forward and what’s up with Grace’s hair. Also Tommy’s bone structure does really steal the show. My main question is why does May wear a 20 year old dress when she comes up to the posh area after the race? Is she just nostalgic or is it that special? It looks very out of place to me.

  5. Yes to everything here! Just started the show and was so bothered by the ‘I used my straight iron to create beach waves’ on Grace that I came straight to Frock Flicks for some sanity! Glad Aunt Polly’s suits got their own reference as I do love everything about her! And I will probably keep watching for the aforementioned blue eyes and cheekbones though ;-)

    1. YES! It looks like straight iron curls! Why!?

      I hate Grace’s hair – re-watching with my husband, and now he makes fun of me because I was complaining about her “now hair” – it totally kills my suspension of disbelief.

      It’s like whoever did the hair & makeup on this show was obsessed with men’s fashion, and so the boy’s clothes are all on spot on, but they just kinda didn’t know, or didn’t care, about the girls.

  6. OK. Late to the party, but, why do the guys all ditch the newsboy caps somewhere at the end of Season 3(?), and start wearing fedoras? Was it time period related or signifying a class shift, or what?

  7. VERY LATE to the party, but even if its not terribly historically accurate, it was deliriously exciting to watch the wardrobe of the women chacarecters evolve with the times as they accrue wealth and acquire social position. Especially the woman who was Tommy’s secretary. By season 4, she’s weapons-grade chic. That emerald green shirt-dress and her sharp bob… Day-um.

    What is it about these 20’s ladies clothing that instantly reads glamour and chicness while also being unmistakably feminine? Those spectacular coats with the huge lapels, that amayyyyzine blouse (jacket?) that May Carleton is wearing when she firsts meets Tommy (with the layered, folding bi-colored lapels…). It’s just all so dazzling.

  8. It would be great for a re-visit since the wealth and class status has changed such a great deal for the characters.

  9. I’m very late to the party. I started watching it after seeing Sophie in Gentleman Jack and was curious about her other roles. (I’d seen Suranne in other stuff).
    However, I’m hooked on the show and I’ve requested season 3 from my library’s ILL program. But might add Netflix as I cancelled Hulu. Harlots, thought a good show, was the only reason I had it.

    Did I mention how mesmerizing Cillian’s blue eyes are?
    Also, Aunt Polly is awesome and Ada is awesome in training. Helen McCrory is worth watching it on her own. She’s so compelling as Polly. Did I mention that Cillian’s eyes are really blue?

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