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  1. Every time I listen to Tubular Bells II (Mike Oldfield) – whenever Rickman’s voiceover comes on telling what the new instrument is, we end it up saying “POTTER” when he’s done. works really well. try it.

    “Mandolin…” “POTTER!”
    “Electric Guitar…” “POTTER!”
    “The venetion effect!” “Potter!”

  2. I don’t think Alan Rickman is as hot as the rest of humanity, apparently, but I DO like him as an actor and I DO love him in Robin Hood and Sense and Sensibility!

  3. Though it isn’t a costume drama, Truly Madly Deeply is one of his most delightful though his character is dead. Ghost has nothing on this.

  4. I loved him in Sense and Sensibility! I recently watched A Little Chaos though, and it’s now a favorite for more recent works of his.

  5. Too many giants leaving this world, its a poorer world.

    What a shock to lose this giant of the entertainment world. Loved him as Colonel Brandon – no other Sense & Sensibility film/series is as good without him as Brandon.

    BTW he and Rima did marry – in 2012 in a secret ceremony. Just them. My heart goes out to her.

  6. So saddened by the news. Not just a fine actor but a superb human being too, judging by all that I have read about him.

  7. Please consider Mr. Richman’s performance in “Dogma.” Not a costume piece, but not just any actor can rock a giant set of wings.

  8. Alan Rickman stole my heart in Sense and Sensibility. He was a singularly talented actor and, in my mind, an absolute gem of a man. Heaven’s gain is, in my opinion, our most painful loss and I have never grieved the death of an actor the way I grieve Alan Rickman. I feel honored to have lived to see his magic. May you walk with God, Alan. You fully deserve it.

    1. My sentiments exactly! No truer words were ever spoken about Alan Rickman! May he rest in peace and continue perfecting his acting skills performing for God and a Heavenly audience….his ultimate theatre! I have never stopped thinking about nor praying for him since the day he died! May he rest in peace until I meet up with him again in the next world to come! Alan, I will ALWAYS love you and promise to never stop studying neither you nor your career daily!

  9. Rickman was a distinctive, interesting, and arguably great actor, but I question some of his career decisions. It seems that he was in more than his share of terrible films. Granted, that was possibly because he wanted to take risks and avoid being pigeonholed, but his résumé is pretty spotty even in the early years, and the overall quality of movies he appeared in took a nosedive during the last five to six years or so. It’s kind of a shame. He always fit well in historical costume roles.

  10. Love Alan Rickman, since Sense and Sensibility. I saw Robin Hood in theaters but I was so busy loathing Kevin Costner his charm was not immediately apparent to me. Later I realized that his Sheriff was a comic gem. He and Michael Wincott as Guy of Gisborne are the only reasons to watch that train wreck of a movie. Am I the only one who thinks Enya totally stole his Sheriff of Nottingham hair-do later in her career?

  11. I loved him in Robin Hood. He was so deliciously evil. And my dad was constantly quoting him..

    But it wasn’t until I watched Sense & Sensibility that I realized how incredibly attractive he was. Soooooo hawt!

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