3 thoughts on “TBT: Albert Nobbs (2011)

  1. Yes, yes, yes and totally adored it. Sometimes it is so achingly sad, yet somehow uplifting, that I marvel at the writing and production of the piece. The scene on the beach, as Albert runs into the wind, really made me well up. I won’t say too much, for those who haven’t seen it, but that scene held such poignant revelation into and said so much about, the two characters involved that it still haunts me today… and it has been a while since I last saw it. I personally felt that the costumes were exceptionally well designed, constructed and put together. The primness of the hotel ‘uniforms’ contrasted so well with that of its cliental and most especially with the lived in comfort of Hubert’s costume. Such a fabulous cast as well. I think that this is one of the few roles that I can stomach Jonathan Rhys Meyers in. Yuk! It is only really in this and Velvet Goldmine that I find his performances the least cringe worthy and watchable – though he is supposed to be pretty damn awful in both. Well type-cast ‘methinks.

  2. I started watching a years ago, but didn’t finish. It seemed to be heading to a sad and tragic ending, and I couldn’t bear it.

    Perhaps I’m wrong and need to rewatch?

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