13 thoughts on “Oh the Bad Movies & TV You’ll Watch 9!

  1. As they say, it takes all kinds… I love De-Lovely. It’s actually #4 in my personal list of top five musical movies. From a blog post I wrote about it years ago:

    What I adore about De-Lovely is that though Cole and Linda’s marriage is shown as “unconventional” (at best), they make it work; and toward the end of the film, after an estrangement, it’s apparent how deeply these two characters love each other. (Yes, even though they’re based on real people, let’s be honest—these are characters.) This is my go-to film when I need a good cry, because there’s just something about the love story told in this film that touches me in a very deep place—influenced by the fabulous music.

  2. Two thoughts: I saw Alexander in theaters. My husband knew he was in trouble when I looked at his watch 8 minutes in, then sighed heavily. De-Lovely is one of those I could watch any time, but it has started bothering me that all the costumes are in the 30s. It shortens their story in a way that cheapens it, as well as taking away some of the history they were a part of (WWI, the ex-pats in Europe, etc.).

  3. Oh I love De-Lovely. We had the Robbie Williams version of the song sung at our wedding.

    Goodbye Christopher Robin was pretty good but just devastating. I cried through a lot of the last few scenes.

  4. I saw you did a short review of Land Girls way back when. I’m still going to recommend against it. There’s a clueless subplot in the first or second episode that’s supposed to showcase how “enlightened” on of the major characters is. What it actually shows is that the series doesn’t think British PoC existed, and dark skinned characters only serve as accents to the titular white “Land Girls.”

    Calling that bit a turnoff is an understatement.

    1. They missed a good plot-line. There was real life case of a black woman called Amelia King, born in London, third generation Afro-caribbean and a British citizen. She applied to be a land girl and was turned down. A farmer heard about this and was more than happy to offer her a job, but she wanted to join the Land Army and after positive press coverage she was able join up and work.

  5. I really liked Battle of the Sexes. Not sure why it’s in the “Bad TV and Movies” post? Your review seems pretty good.

  6. Serena does not get criticized for not wearing traditional “tennis whites”. She gets the criticism because she’s not one of the traditional “tennis whites”. Serena is the empress of the courts and it upsets the privilege carts.

  7. I too have to be on the De-Lovely fan club. I write and I so want to find a way to make a character be and sound like the way Ashley Judd did Linda. I think it was one of her best roles ever, so classy and poised.

    And though I haven’t seen it so I cannot criticize or praise the film either way, but at least Mary Tudor in Sword and the Rose only introduced the Volta a few decades too early, unlike other Disney films (Sleeping Beauty, I’m looking at you!) which introduces the waltz several centuries too early. lol.

  8. Is that Glynis Johns in The Sword and the Rose? Is she still wearing one of her costumes from The Court Jester?

  9. Oh, Lord. Alexander was a hot mess. I watched it all and thought the whole time: What the hell?! I totally agree with you about Goodbye Christopher Robin, tonally the movie was very uncomfortable. It was a missed opportunity.

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