23 thoughts on “SNARK WEEK: Top 5 Mullets in Historical Costume Movies

  1. I hated Costner in Dances with Trees. Wanted the Sheriff to win. He’s even more obnoxious in Dances with Wolves. I am not a Costner fan.

    Leo, on the other hand, mullet and all is much more to my taste. The Swazester is also hunky

    1. I’ve never liked Kevin Costner either! I had to sit through The Postman with family when I was a teenager, and I cannot and will not forgive him for that movie. But even before then, he always seemed way too self-important in all of his movies.

      For that reason, I also found him insufferable in Dances with Wolves. And, in my opinion, the Sheriff is the only reason to watch Costner’s Robin Hood. (RIP, Alan Rickman.)

      1. Costner’s just always seemed like a block of wood to me. Very, very, VERY mellow, boring midwestern accent, no inflection in his voice. zzzzzzzzzzz

        1. Agreed! One of my friends had a huge crush on him and was so horrified my hatred. I never could see what she saw in him.

    2. I must be the only female on the planet who does not understand why Leonardo Di Caprio is considered hot. Before there was Jonathan Rhys Meyer there was Leo invading all costume flicks everywhere with his weird shaped head.

      But unlike JRM, Leo is a very good actor so I don’t actually have any contempt for his existence. I just don’t get why he’s supposed to be attractive.

      1. I’m with you on Leo — that’s a huge part of why I hated the most recent Great Gatsby. Di Caprio just can’t cut it in such big, charismatic roles. He’s great as a small, indie film actor. But not a heartthrob Hollywood guy.

        1. I’m sort of with you guys — I thought Leo was fine when he was super young, then by Titanic and for decades after — YES, he was this scrawny kid dressing up in his dad’s clothes. WTF? He’s FINALLY now gotten a few wrinkles and a bit of gravitas… just a bit!

      2. You’re not alone! I’ve never understood all the fuss about Leo either. He’s gotten a bit more appealing as he’s matured, in my opinion (I thought he made a decent Gatsby), but back when Titanic came out in seventh grade, I was SO confused. I mean Kate Winslet was so lush and mature for her age, and then there’s Leo, the scrawny, squinty-eyed child-man? Eh, whatever!

      3. I call Leo “Lumpy Blonde Guy” as I also fail to see his allure. As he ages he just reminds me more of my ex, and that isn’t doing him any favors, either.

    3. Mel Gibson’s Braveheart mullet.

      Also, I don’t know if it technically counts as a mullet, but I always thought Heath Ledger’s hair looked suspiciously mullet-like in The Patriot, specifically during his death scene. I snicker every time I see it.

        1. I see what you mean about the bangs in Braveheart! Hmm I’m not sure what to classify his hairstyle as.

          Yeah I wasn’t sure if Ledger’s hair was period-accurate or not, but it still makes me snicker every time. (I’m mean that way.) I only really noticed it in that one scene too, which just made it worse, given the nature of what’s happening.

  2. Looking at those images is actually painful for me. I detest mullets. I wish I could banish them all from my sight — forever.

  3. Dances With Wolves was godawful on many levels and the mullet definitely hammered it home. Pretty much looked like Waterworld with dry hair.

    (lbr that mullet is a character on its own)

  5. Alexander was hilarious!
    The hair was terrible, it looked like a cheap plastic wig. I made the joke to my mom that the internet calls everything “fake and gay” and the the movie, certainly was fake, but it wasn’t gay enough.
    Though the best part had to be the scenes where Angelina Jolie is pretty much bouncing off the walls screaming, and then they cut to Colin Farell who’s just standing there slab faced.

  6. I laughed out loud at that first Dances With Wolves Costner picture.

    I saw Alexander at a cinema in India, and the version they showed there had 45 minutes cut out of it so they could make more money with more screenings. They edited it so Alexander was killed by a king in India.
    The short version was more than enough for me.

  7. You KNOW there had to be someone during filming of “Gettysburg” around the same time who was just fretting him or herself to death about the endless beards and mustaches and sideburns (Burnsides?) and mutton-chops going “But…but…how can modern viewers possibly comprehend a society without glossy tresses and blow-driers?”

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