11 thoughts on “This Post Is About Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

  1. Annoyingly, the local PBS station seems to have dropped the show after starting the episodes from the very beginning. They had gone into Season 3, then back to One, and now nothing.

  2. I actually love Miss Fisher – it´s a nice show with very likeable characters – but I can totally understand that it is super annoying to get the same question over and over again. But, if I may tell you something positive about it, it was the article about Miss Fisher which first introduced me to FrockFlicks – and I am completely addicted to it ever since! I am a costumer in training and I think I binge-read every single word you ever wrote. So, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing work!!

    1. That’s awesome! We always love positive feedback (and hugs, and cocktails) so I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the site!

      I just kind of lost my cool after the third request for a review about Miss Fisher appeared in our inbox… In a week.

  3. I loved your review. I vaugely remember reading it last year so went back and read it again.

    I have to wonder if the jewelry issue is a way to save money. In the books Phryne doesn’t wear much jewelry, usually just earrings and sometimes a big chunky ring. So they can save money and remain true to the character? I have to agree with observation about the headpieces though, this something that she always wears when dressing up and what she wears on the show doesn’t mesh with I imagine them to be from description in the book or any I’ve seen.

  4. I think the costumes can be god int he show, but I can’t stand it. Fisher herself just rubs me the absolute wrong way, and Dot is utterly detestable.

  5. As an Australian, I’m absolutely tickled pink that overseas people love Miss Fisher – in fact it was largely due to international demand that the third series got made!

  6. For those of you who have not read the books on which the tv series of Miss Fisher are based there are substantial differences. Not so much in the mysteries themselves but in the backstories which have been ‘revised’ for the television. It just makes them different, not necessarily better or worse. The main thing for redaers/viewers not informed of Australian culture of that time and later is that while there was a strong hypocritical moral outrage by the top end of society most Australians enjoyed the humour and ignored the bits which they found offcolour. Puritan sanctimony has never been a major part of Australian culture. It makes for a much freer environment for creating the new.

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